What a funny day today turned out to be!

After posting Why You Should Hang Out Alone, I began a very interesting email exchange with this woman that I was going to have a cup of coffee with.

Lets set something straight right from the start. As you all know I teach men and women how to break through there fears and live a life attracting the right type of people into their lives, right?

With that said, I also don’t trust people that teach stupid rules for men and women to follow. My advice is all about being present and open to every opportunity that comes your way and by doing this you will be able to find the right type of people to date.

I also respect women. If a woman is sexually active I don’t judge her for her actions. I think women that are free sexually are far greater to hang with than the women who are uptight and not able to deal with their sexuality.

With this in mind check out what my new friend had to say.

Subject: bitch cliques?????

Hey David

I am hoping you are not under the impression we as women all travel in “bitch cliques,” and that all your clients are not being taught that by you. Yes, MOST do but not all. I make it a point not to. I have one friend with me usually. I try not to hang with people who are negative by nature, male or female. I love life, I love men and i love sex with men! That may sound a bit like a nymph, but it is safe sex always and I assure the fulfillment process for both parties involved. Now, the more women you drag along with, the less likely you are to concentrate on that thought in mind. Lets face it, men and women are looking for a good conversation that will eventually (not immediately..usually)lead to awesome multiple orgasmic sex.

Well, now that I am a bit hot let me cool off. I am sure you understand. Just know bitch cliques don’t apply to all of us. By the way, you yourself are an extremely sexy man. No doubt you get MORE than your share of women. You go! Thank you for listening.

Hey guys!

Read this email again and think what type of woman you want to meet.

Do you want to meet one that is open to your desires and is going to be fun in bed, or do you want to meet a woman who will not sleep with you for 6 months?

The next time you meet a woman that is sexually open don’t judge her, enjoy the gift of her and have some fun. There are no double standards in my world and you need to stop judging women for being open sexually. Don’t question how she got there just smile and enjoy.

Tomorrow we will talk about the opposite. There is a dating expert who actually tells women not to sleep with men for 6 months.

See you tomorrow with that scoop.