Woman Hoping to Be Lucky in LoveOn the topic of luck, can you really get “lucky in love?” Is there a way to get lucky in love? Does getting “lucky in love” really exist?

I’m going to tell you something right now that’s going to blow your mind: You can absolutely be lucky in love! Here are five ways to ensure you will be lucky in love:

  1. Hard Work Plus Opportunity Equals Luck: In order to get lucky in love, you need to put the effort into going out there and meeting people.  You need to go out and talk to people.  You need create the opportunity for luck to happen to you.  Luck only happens when hard work meets opportunity.  Thomas Jefferson said it perfectly when he said “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
  1. Luck In Love Finds Those Open To Love: The reason why people are lucky in love is because they’re open to love.  What I mean by “open to love” is that they are out there talking to people every single day and being okay with letting people know they’re single.  If you want to get lucky in love, be open to other people trying to find you love.  Open yourself up a little bit, and stop being so closed off to others taking a role in creating luck in your love life.  When you meet somebody and they ask you if you’re single, stop looking at it like it’s a plague or disease and say “Yes I am.  Do you know of anybody great you think I should meet?”  In order to get lucky in love, you need to expand your horizons.
  1. Luck In Love Comes To Those Willing To Give A Bit Of The Unknown A Try: In order to get really lucky in love, you should also use the power of your network to help create that luck for you.  For instance, you can use online dating in a new way to create luck in your love life.  Here is a little trick that I used to use all the time when I was dating online.  When I would meet someone online with whom I didn’t end up having a connection but who I thought was a great person, I’d make a suggestion. I’d say “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of all these coffee dates.  Why don’t we get a whole group of our friends together and see if any magic (or luck) can happen.”  This is yet another way to create luck in your love life . . . and possibly in the life of someone else.
  1. Luck In Love Is The Product Of Persistence: If you want to get really lucky in love, you have to realize that luck is the product of persistence.  You will have to put consistent effort in and be willing to be persistent in not giving up on the search for love.  When you are persistent, you will be rewarded with luck in love.  The truth is that you’re not going to find a four-leaf clover or a little leprechaun to help you get lucky in love.  It’s really up to you.  It’s really all about the power of your network.  How strong is your network and how big can you build your network to become?  As I said in #3 above, are you trying things that create opportunities to bring people into your life and into your network?  When you do, you will be lucky in love.
  1. Luck In Love Comes To Those Who Are Already In Love: This probably sounds a bit puzzling at first read, but let me tell you what I mean.  In order to really be lucky in love, you need to first love yourself.  You need to really believe in yourself.  You need to stop letting fears and excuses keep you from being open to love.  You need to stop making excuses.  You need to stop saying things like “I’m a 47 year old woman and men don’t want women my age” or “I’m 20 pounds overweight and no woman is going to find me attractive.”  You have to believe that you are a gift – a gift that’s worth giving and a gift worth receiving.

So as we approach the holidays, these are my my tips for how you can become (and remain) lucky in love. As I said in the beginning, you can absolutely be lucky in love. . .  when you create it.