what men wantI’ve always believed that in dating there’s no one size fits all, and a woman that one man finds amazing, another man won’t look twice at. That said, there are several common traits men look for in a woman. Actually, I’ll rephrase that. There are several (4 to be exact) common traits that REAL men look for in a woman.

Now just to clarify the differences between real men and a “men-boys,” real men are the guys who return your calls, who aren’t afraid to show their feelings, who don’t play games, who aren’t afraid to commit, and who don’t play stupid dating games. The real man is the guy who can hold your hand and snuggle up to you on the couch without jumping you, because he’s in control of himself sexually. He’s the kind of man you all write to me asking where you can meet him.

So what are these 4 traits these guys look for in a partner?

What do men want?

Let me reveal all….

1. He wants you to be fun – Relationships should be about having fun. Men want to date a woman’s that’s playful, and cool to hang out with. Men do not want to date drama queens. Remember, in many ways men are like big children, and when you connect with us by being playful, you connect with us on a much deeper level. Most women take themselves far too seriously in relationships, and it puts too much pressure on things. Relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go.

2. He wants you to be emotionally mature – Life happens, and sometimes there are going to be misunderstandings and disagreements. Real men want a woman who is strong and confident emotionally.

We want to be able to sit down and talk to you about your feelings, without you attacking us for the way you feel, or blaming us for everything that’s gone wrong. There’s honestly nothing more unattractive in a woman than when she loses her head and throws a temper tantrum when something goes wrong. In fact, it’s a major relationship red flag for most men. Keep a cool head, relax, and talk through any relationship bumps in an easygoing way and we’ll be fine with it.

3. He wants you to be independent – Don’t be fooled by all the media crap that says men don’t like independent women. Sure, we don’t want a woman who treats us like our Mother, and we like to feel needed and wanted in a relationship, but we don’t want a girlfriend we have to baby. We love a woman who is busy and has her own things going on. It inspires and motivates us to push on in our own life. We want you to stand on your own two feet too, likewise we want to know you’re strong enough to pick us up when we’re down or struggling.

Remember the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman?” Most men like to know they have a headstrong woman behind them. Just don’t cross the line into “Power and control freak” land!

4. He wants sex appeal – It sounds obvious, but men want to be with an attractive women, with supreme sexual confidence. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to be a sex maniac, and it doesn’t mean you need to do any of the kinky stuff, but don’t be afraid to turn on your sexual energy. You’re a beautiful, sexy woman, and your man is with you because he wants and desires you. Turn on that sexual energy and let him see what you have. Don’t be afraid to let go. Scream, shout, and moan if you’re enjoying what he’s doing.

Men want to know they’re making love to a woman that’s actually alive. There’s nothing worse than having to check a woman’s post in the middle of sex!

So there you have it!

4 traits that real men want in a woman. Remember, all men are different and no one woman is ever going to be right for every man out there, but make these 4 traits part of your life, and you’ll rarely be without an eager, loving man by your side!