imagesDon’t get me wrong. I love horoscopes as much as anyone else. My Mother was a huge horoscope nut. Every year from my 18th birthday onwards, she’d get me a reading with a different astrologer. For those interested, I’m a Cancer. Aries rising moon in Gemini. Some of the worst signs for me should be Gemini’s, yet I constantly find an attraction for Gemini women.

I could have my chart analyzed over and over again. I could find out where my Venus is, where my Pluto is, and where my Mercury is, but in the end it doesn’t mean anything.

How much of your life do you spend thinking about meeting men of certain star signs? How often do you ask a man his sign, and then squirm a little if he mentions a sign you’re supposed to clash with?

What you should be thinking about are the real signs that occur between two people. Here are 4 reasons you shouldn’t be looking for love in the stars…

1. It’s not foolproof – Just because you’re a Taurus and your best sign is Cancer, doesn’t mean you can’t do well with a Gemini. The same way you could fall in love with a Leo. The trouble is some women read so much into the horoscopes, they won’t date men of certain star signs because of what they’ve read.

You have to stop living your life based on horoscopes. It’s a fun topic, and it’s great to talk about, but that’s all it is. It’s not the be all and end all. It’s not something you can rely on for serious advice.

2. You could miss the one – If you base your dating decisions on horoscopes alone, you could end up walking away from your perfect man. I’m supposed to be terrible with Gemini’s yet some of my most powerful relationships have been with Gemini women. Did they last? No. But it wasn’t anything to do with what was in the stars. If I’d avoided Gemini women, then I’d have missed some amazing experiences in my life, including my beautiful daughter.

3. It’s entertainment – Once again … DO NOT take horoscopes so seriously. In fact, I’ve seen a bunch of products and readings in papers that actually have disclaimers by them. They have disclaimers that say, “These readings are for entertainment purposes only.”

I think that tells you everything you need to know doesn’t it?

4. We’re all individual – It’s wonderful to learn about yourself, and certain aspects of horoscopes can give an insight into a person’s personality. The thing is, if you look deep into a reading, or maybe have your chart done, you’ll always find something you can identify with. Why?

Because horoscopes are general enough to resonate with all of us. What I think we should really do is trust our own gut instinct about someone. Worry about how you FEEL about the man you just met, rather than whether “Mystic Moggy” said you’d be a good match. Why don’t you write your own love report? Write down on paper exactly what you want from a relationship. How do you want a man to love you? What are your relationship goals?

It’s about understanding yourself and what you need, want, and desire. Go out on dates, talk to men, learn how to flirt better, learn how to understand men, and learn to love yourself. If you do all those things, then my love report tells me love is definitely in the stars for you in 2014!+