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Episode 535: Why You Were Born Lucky And Not A Homeless Dog

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Heading towards Christmas and the magic of Santa, or Bezos, is in the air. Amazon Claus is working hard to deliver all of our Christmas gifts.
And I’m thinking about babies and instinct. Babies go from being surrounded by warmth, to being pushed out of the comfort staring at weird people, to placed on someone who smells just like the inside, and then they’re ok. It’s instinct.
Instinct is an interesting concept.  
Seas turtles being born and having to rush to the sea before being eaten alive.
Fish get pushed out and are most times eaten immediately.
What about homeless dogs? Do they wonder why they can’t just go indoors when they’re outside?
It’s all the luck of the draw with animals. 
But when it comes down to you- your life- it isn’t luck of the draw.
The beauty of being a human being, you have a choice. You can grow up in foster homes and still get to evolve.
You have the choice to be who you want.

Episode 534: Why You Must Lose In Life To Win

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All I want for Christmas is to lose.

Don’t you hate it- losing? Losing a relationship, losing money.
You know who hates it most? Millennials! They hate losing.

I grew up trying out for teams and I would be nervous and I’d wait to see if I made the first round of cuts. We played hard and we practiced hard, and sometimes we wouldn’t make it. And it sucks. But it helped me, it helped others, get better.

Millennials got participation trophies. They never had to experience that first round of cuts.

How do you get better at anything if you don’t lose?
You don’t get a participation trophy in life just for showing up.

Life only works when you’re ok with losing.
You can’t pep talk yourself if you don’t feel any pain.
You succeed when you lose.

You gotta lose in order to win.

Episode 533: Be A Human Being Not A Human Doing

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What I have to say may change your life.
Look at your to-do list. Check at the last 10 days and look at the spaces all filled up.
You’ve been doing and doing and doing.
Did you do your homework? Did you do that activity? Did you do your job?
Always doing things. 
You became a programmed rodent.
Learn how to “Be’ in the moment.

Episode 532: Why Santa Claus Is So Angry

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One week away from Christmas, but not for the politically correct.
In a week, it’ll be Happy Holidays day with Holiday Claus.

When we were kids, everybody said “Merry Christmas’- the Jews, the Kwanzaa folks, everyone.

John think society is full of fuddy-duddies that have to ruin everything good.

The people who complain the most get all the attention.

Why can’t people just lighten up?

It’s Christmas. It’s magic. Santa is fun.

Except in NY. Santa is drunk is drunk in NY.

Tell people Merry Christmas.

Episode 531: Why Every Man Needs A Vibrator

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The porn industry makes more money than the NFL because people don’t have enough sex. People only really fuck once a month according to research.
John here says he has a $200 vibrator because every man should have their own kits for fun. He believes that even if a woman doesn’t like you, they’ll like your vibrator.
Add a whip and a collar and you have yourself a little kit.
To bring women so much pleasure that your body parts can’t do is such an incredible experience.
Sex toys are a lot of fun and everyone should have them.
Sex is a big part of our lives. Get into it and enjoy it. Step your game up.

Episode 530: People Need To F#@k More

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I’m still on this instagram kick and I know I’m slut shaming right now.

I just think it’s funny that women get so angry when we look at their bodies even though they wear short shorts and have their cleavage out and post half nude photos on their Instagrams.

Of course we’re going to look!

Women walk around with their ass cheeks hanging out! It’s sexually stimulating.

And of course women can wear what they want, but men are human and we’re going to look.

I know it’s not respectful, but it’s honest. I think women should be classier.

And John says that “it’s like an animal not getting fed all day” but “at least an animal gets fucking laid”.

I’d like to hear from women how they feel about this.

Episode 529: How To Have The Perfect Instagram Ass

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Social Media should be called “Fakeagram”.

Everybody puts their fake selves on there for validation and it’s one dimensional.

It’s because we’re rewarded with fake validation for our “righteous” personality.

Not long ago, we would have a lot of negative things to say if people posted their naked asses out in the public.
Now everybody does it.

People are putting up superhero versions of themselves instead of their real selves and it’s all for empty validation.

We’re walking around missing life and real connections with real people because we have our heads stuck in social media.

Why are we all lying to one another?

Episode 528: Say Yes To Life

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Another 10 Minute Reality Check with John Keegan.

We’re just walking around NY in the cold and going with the flow and doing these things that are resting our minds.

I’m thinking about how I would retire if I had the chance. I’d love to just kick back. I’ve worked 34 years. John would rather be working.

We should be doing the high risk things when we’re younger instead of working our asses off and waiting for the retirement to do the high risk things.

When we look at our journeys, did we fuck enough? Did we enjoy life? Did we get all the new things we wanted?

If we don’t leave enough room for flow, nothing miraculous can happen.

When’s the last time you just said “fuck it” and just gone with the flow?

Episode 527: The World’s Biggest Spy: Facebook

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Social media is great at brainwashing.
People in powerful positions are good brainwashers.

But why are we so susceptible to it?
Why do we do whatever’s “In” right now?
I don’t want people to influence me for anything right now.
John Keegan here thinks these social media influencers want to brainwash us to follow extremism just like the universities. It’s everywhere.
And we hand over our total privacy to facebook with their new “Portal” app that’s on 24/7.
And people are allowing this. People are allowing Facebook into their lives to spy on everything you say and do.
These people you’re letting into your lives that you broadcast your entire lives out to are not your friends.

Episode 526: The Genderless Nation

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Anything you want to learn is on youtube.
We can find everything on “Youtube University” and it’s free.

The problem with youtube is that anyone can post a video and you have to sift through all the videos to get the best info.

But you learn important things in Universities that you can’t learn on youtube.

I’ve been in NY and I recently found a gender neutral clothing store that accommodates everyone.

I’m having difficulty understanding why anyone wants to be “neutral” because I feel anything in the middle is mediocre.

Gender neutral is widespread in universities.

I’d like to hear more from everyone else about what they feel about “gender neutral”.

Let’s talk about it.

Episode 525: To Live In The Past Is To Die In The Present

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I’m in NY and it’s time for a dose of John Keegan.

Thinking about this- To live in the past is to die in the present.

How many people are in the present moment thinking about triggers from the past?

When we focus on the past and obsess about the future, like thinking the way some past relationships ended, we tend to discuss these things in a jaded way.
Instead of seeing it as a journey that helps us grow, we feel better being jaded. It feels more comfortable to think the bad in the past was a waste of time.
Our brain is programmed to see the past as a failure. That’s because we haven’t healed.
Our ability to focus on something is our ability to create our own reality.

John says, “Good vibes only” and he’s right.
Challenge yourself and create your own reality.

Episode 524: Do You Sabotage Your Life

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It’s holiday time, and with that is engorging ourselves on all the junk.
I have my friend Debbie Lichter on today because I like having interesting people on my podcast, and this is the perfect podcast for this time of year.
We’re diving into food addiction today. No, I’m not talking about “treats”. We’re talking about gouging on massive amounts of food and how our programming can even force eating disorders on ourselves and our kids. Thus, we sabotage ourselves.
Debbie is here to help you manage your issues with food addiction and body issues. This is for everyone who needs to fix and work on themselves.
You can find more out on Debbie’s website where you can take a quiz to find out exactly what you need. You can also book a “Clarity Call” with Debbie.