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Why You Need New Real Friends And Not Facebook Friends

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Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome and myself today as we talk about the value of new friendships, why new friends open new doors, why new friends give you the greatest growth, and how to recognize a powerful connection and cultivate that new friendship.

Stop Following Start Living

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We live in a world where we follow more than we lead, and we reward people with our following skills… and by doing all of this, we tend to lose our own identity and take on the identity of others.

Some of these “others” are total strangers. Some of them are people who we would not even like if we met in person.

So why do we do this? Well, today is your lucky day, because today Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I go over the answer to this question.

How Trends Can Change Your Finances

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How can trends that happen day to day, month to month expand your finances and allow you to make serious money…?

Join a friend of the podcast, Jake from Trend Spider, today as we explore how daily trends can truly give you the financial freedom that you desire.

To find out more about Jake check out trendspider.com. He has a very special free offer waiting for you!

Do You Have A Plan Or Are You Ad Persuaded?

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Do you a specific plan on what you truly want out of life? Money? Health? Relationship?

Do you realize that you are constantly being pushed in 100s of different places everyday without you even realizing it?

Today Jerremy Alexander Newsome and I go over how to block out the noise and allow yourself to define who you want to be.

How Much Would You Pay For Freedom?

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If you had total freedom in your life, what would that look like to you?

Have you ever channeled your inner Madonna? Because she was the original freedom power broker.

Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome and myself today as we go over what freedom is and how you can have it today.

The Power Of All

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Join Jerremy Newsome and myself live from Nashville today as we go over the only way to live and love: the power of all.

What exactly is all? How do we define all? And most importantly, why do we chase all? Our definition of all is not at all what you are thinking.

My Insecure Side (Yes I Have One For Real!)

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So, you think I don’t have those moments if insecurity?

Guess again. I not only have them, I own them! I cherish them and embrace them like they are my best birthday gift ever!

Join Jerremy Newsome and myself live from Nashville today as we go over this self discovery, and go to reallifetrading.com/ to see more of Jerremy.

Why I Stuffed People In Lockers

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Think about high school and middle school. All the cliques, all the groups, the jocks, the geeks, the popular crowd, the losers, the winners. All the crazy ways we acted as kids and how some of the damage we did carried over to adulthood.

Today, John Keegan and I talk about how there is no such thing as a geek, how an alpha make is just a myth, and why the world is equal in all ways.

How To Put The Sexy Back Into Sexy

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Sexy is how you look… or is it how you feel inside?

Today, join Fern Olivia and myself as we go over what sexy truly is. All of us have sexy inside, and it’s how we let it out that we’re going to explore.

Victims Are Pussies

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Today John Keegan and I go over how to let go of your inner pussy.
In life there are always two people who are involved in a relationship, and there is no such thing as a victim.

We choose our experiences because we need them, and if we go into victimhood, then we won’t learn and we will seek out our next victim experience.

Today is the day that stops for you!

How To Transcend Stagnation

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Think for a moment how long it took for our country to become what it is today.

Tomorrow the country celebrates a birthday, but today you’re going to join John Keegan and myself as we talk about developing your own constitution and how to develop skills and mindset to follow so you become as powerful as the good old USA.

How To Be Be Be!!!

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Today is my birthday… and today John Keegan and I are going to talk about what we feel is really important to us.

Join us in a special podcast about gratitude love and bonding.

Your goals will change for the year once you hear this, and you will also find out why John wants you to send me a pair of sneakers today…