beauty and self loveYou’re so beautiful.

I want you to read this aloud to yourself. In fact, I want you to read this in front of a mirror and I want you to send this post to all of your friends. Your friends who suffer from the same exact thing so many people suffer from; the feeling that you’re not good enough.

The truth is, you ‘Mrs. Not Good Enough’ are a beautiful, amazing person.

If you don’t believe you’re beautiful inside and out, then you might as well never date because it’s just an exchange of energy between two people. When a man first sees a woman, it’s an energetic exchange. We smell each other, and we feel each other. It’s a primal thing.

I know when someone is insecure. I know when someone feels great about themselves. You all know. It’s that spark. It’s that thing we feel the second we meet someone. I want you to print this post, or copy it to your phone, and I want you to read this aloud because you are so beautiful.

That’s right, you. You are a beautiful and sexy woman. Whatever age you might be right now. Whatever body shape you may have, whatever hair color you may have, whatever eye color, whatever the shape of your breasts, the shape of your ass, and the shape of your legs, you’re absolutely perfect the way you are.

You’re so beautiful it’s ridiculous, but I want you to read this aloud and then I’m going to change direction. I want you to read this…

“I, (state your name)

I am so beautiful. My body is so amazing, my lips, my eyes, and my face.”

I want you to stand there and I want you to tell yourself how amazing, and beautiful you are inside and out. You see in life, we always need to embrace exactly where we’re at because we have no other choice. Where we are right now in life, is exactly where we’re meant to be. All we’re doing is aging, getting older, sometimes getting fatter, and sometimes getting shorter.

So, you really are at your most beautiful exactly where you are right now. The amazing thing about it is that there are men who think you’re beautiful no matter what. Nobody is expecting perfection. You’re telling yourself you’re not perfect enough, you’re not pretty enough, or you’re not skinny enough.

You see the men you notice every day, they aren’t tall enough, they’re not skinny enough, they’re not muscular enough, they’re not smart enough. People are imperfect. We live in an imperfect world and you… exactly how you are right now are the most beautiful and perfect person. That’s what makes the world go round.

It’s amazing to be this beautiful. You need to realize that the second you feel this way, even with the scar on your belly from getting a C-section, or whatever imperfection you may have. Embrace it, because we are all perfect beings.

You are so beautiful the way you are.

The second you feel that way, you are going to convey that energy to a man, and when a man sees you, he’ll feel like he’s around the most amazing woman he’s ever met in his entire life.

It all starts with the power of self-love, it all starts with the power of loving yourself, and it all starts with you feeling so beautiful about who you are. There is no perfect person in this world who everybody is attracted to. Realize that when you embrace yourself and realize how beautiful you are, there are going to be men, who will find you so beautiful they’ll do anything to get your attention. Love yourself, and others will follow.