Let me tell you what your biggest block is when meeting men.

It’s how you conduct your own social life.

Women do it far more than men.

Men are more spontaneous. We’re more in the moment.

We’re less about the events and the plans that we’re used to doing with our friends.

We’ve given up the fraternity a long time ago. I’m sure a lot of men would drink with their friends on a Saturday afternoon, but we will always blow our friends off to do what? To go see you, especially if we’re interested in you.

The thing is, women don’t do that.

Women are all about their events, women are all about with their little traditions.

meeting men blockGirls night out.

The film festival.

The ski week.

The Grammy party.

The Oscar party.

Friday night book club.

Women fill their lives with a bunch of things to do, so that when a man comes along, they don’t know how to be spontaneous.

Are These Traditions Really Important?

I’m not telling you to give up certain things, because there are certain things that make you uniquely you that are enjoyable and I get it and understand that.

But, I want you to think about the things you do, the things you feel you have to do:

Go to the same Memorial Day party year in and year out.

Go to the same 4th of July party year in and year out. The same film festival, year in and year out.

The same opening day of the races, year in and year out.

I want you to think about the result you’ve had doing this. Think about the new men you’ve met at these events, or is it usual when you go to these things that you just end up in your same usual clique?

You go, you meet, you hang out in your little cliques.

You talk, you gossip a little bit, you talk to the same men that you already know that you’re comfortable with and then you leave.

Think about all these events, all these things you do on a regular basis. When a great man comes into your life, a man that is trying to get together with you but you constantly have events and things to do, I strongly suggest you clear your calendar. Change things. Give yourself the chance to connect with him.

Learn to be More Spontaneous

Let’s say you meet a great guy and he wants to see you Friday night. What you need to do is change the way you do things. Stop being the sorority girl that you are.

So what if you miss the film festival that you’ve gone to for 10 straight years and go out on a date with a guy that you’ve always wanted to go out on a date with? It’s worth it to be more spontaneous.

Let’s say I was on my way to pick up my friend. If a girl called me on the way, I would have called up my friend and said, “Hey Brett, listen man, this girl really wants to go out right now.”

I would have called him up on the phone five minutes from his house and said, “Hey man, do you mind I if blow you off tonight? This girl Amy that I’ve been trying to get together with for a long time is in town and I want to see her.”

You know what he would say to me? “Oh, we have an event to go to tonight.” No, he would have laughed. He would have turned on the TV, ordered in some take out food, watched the movie and been totally content and happy that his friend is doing something different. Actually going out there and trying to meet somebody instead of hanging out and doing the same old, same old.

That’s the difference between men and women. Women will just consistently say, “No, there’s that Oscar party that I need to go to at Mary’s house.”

“There’s the annual beach parade. I’ve been going there for the last 15 years. I can’t miss it.”

Women still like to be seen in the scene and men would prefer to see a whole new scene, which would be you. So once again, today’s message is:

A man that you’re interested in calls you up on the phone. You’ve got the usual usual going on. Blow the usual usual off and give the new man a chance.