What do you think your most important decision is in life?

Is it where you live?

Is it the job you do?

Is it the amount of money you make?

All wrong.

The most important decision you make in life is who you decide to spend it with.

Pick the right person and you’re going to cut down your stress in every way, shape and form.

Pick the right partner to spend your life with and you’ll create a safe haven at home.

You’ll create a loving space so when all the stress—family, work, children—hit you, you know that you’ve got a partner that not only has your back, but one who will love you and protect you in all ways.

Your biggest life decision is whom you spend it with.

Then why do so many of us pick the wrong person?

We often don’t think deeply enough about what a major life decision it really is.

Conceptually, we do know and we do understand that the person we’re marrying or the person we’re going to be with is somebody that’s going to cause a lot of happiness in our life. But do we really consider the consequences if we have actually chosen the wrong person?

Picking the wrong person basically can give you a life full of stress and anxiety.

Your home should be a place of comfort, where you can heal every day after a long day of work, after a tough day at the office, after battling your kids’ teachers.

Your home a the place that is sacred.

So when you’re out there dating right now, I want you to be really aware of all your needs, your wants, your desires so you can find somebody that cherishes you and nourishes you.

Because living in a home that doesn’t have any of that, well, it’s better to be alone.