This might be a little harsh. In fact, what people are about to hear might be the harshest thing they’ve heard all year. Prepare yourself.

I’m sitting here with the guys and we’re talking about why women don’t approach.

Why don’t they?

Because their grandmothers taught them not to, their mothers taught them not to, and Cosmopolitan magazine taught them not to. Women just sit back.

But a woman that just sits back her entire life goes from being a hot 20-year-old to the woman in her thirties that doesn’t have kids to the woman over 40 who has cats to the woman in her fifties who thinks that all the men her age just want to date younger women to the old maid – literally. Do you remember that Old Maid game with the cards?

Here’s my thought about this: if you’re not going to either a) make yourself approachable or b) actually do some approaching, you’re never going to meet men.

But women are worried to approach a man and fulfill the stereotype of being easy. But let’s go around the table now: if a woman approaches you and starts flirting with you in the market, do you really think that she wants to have sex with you right at that moment?

Client: Naw, I’d just be happy that she came up to me!

David: Yeah, we’d all just be so amazed that she actually came over we wouldn’t actually be thinking about having sex in a sauna with her. This isn’t a bad episode of Blind Date!