How is your dating life exactly like Donald Trump? What is Donald Trump really good at?

Think about it. Think about where Trump has come from. Think about what Trump has done. Think about what Trump does. What is Trump the ultimate person at?

Donald Trump is so great at selling. He’s amazing at it. With Donald Trump, you get a good friend that I like to call Mr. Sold.

Dating the Mr. Sold’s of the World

Donald Trump is great at selling. But not great at telling. Donald Trump’s going to fix everything. But he doesn’t tell you how. Donald Trump’s going to eliminate ISIS, but he doesn’t tell you how. Donald Trump is going to fix illegal immigration, but he doesn’t really tell you how. He says he’s going to have Mexico build a wall.

donald trump dating lifeDonald Trump is Mr. Sold, but not Mr. Told.

And that’s what dating life is like. For so much of your dating life, you’re with a lot of people that just want to sell you. But they don’t tell you how the relationship is ever going to go. They just sell you the idea of what the relationship could be.

They’re great at it. They’re selling you. They’re selling you into bed. They’re selling you into a commitment. They’re selling you into an idea. But the problem is when you’re in it, you realize they don’t have the tools to make the relationship go. The problem is a lot of us are dating salespeople because salespeople are always coming at you in the dating world, just like Donald Trump is coming at us in the political world.

They’re selling because they want a relationship. They want one because they don’t want to be alone, but they don’t want to do the work, and they don’t want to go and build the real walls and build the foundation of a relationship. But they’ll tell you how to do it. They’ll tell you how they can do it.

Dating Life vs. Donald Trump

I’m tired of salesmen.

They come in all forms, male and female. Could be Hillary. It could be the Donald. But so many people will sell you on a relationship, and then when they get you into the relationship, you seem to have the same issues over and over again. Except you have no Congress or Senate to help you out. You seem to constantly be stuck in a filibuster.

That’s the problem. People are so good at selling themselves. But in reality, what  they’re selling is somebody that they want to be and not somebody that they really are. So the next time you’re bordering on getting involved in a relationship, I strongly suggest you hang out with the Tolds, not the Solds.

The people who told are really the people that don’t need to sell because they know that whatever they say, they’re going to do and whatever they do, they’re going to say.

I bet you never thought that I could turn dating into politics, but dating is the exact same as politics, isn’t it? People will go and put a campaign out there: I’m an affectionate, loving, warm person. But, in reality, they’re not the affectionate, warm, loving person that you need to be with. I’m an honest person. I’m honest to a point. Stop dating the politicians in the dating world and start finding the people who are more authentic.