fashion tipsfor menGuys, if I say fashion what’s the first thing to come to your mind?

You probably thought of some stupid fashion show you saw a girlfriend or your sister watching. Maybe the ridiculous Ben Stiller film popped into your mind. Men were not built to care about the latest fashion trends, which is why men’s style hasn’t changed that much over the years. You know who the height of modern male style is?

Steve McQueen

McQueen was the man every woman wanted to be with and every man wanted to be. He wasn’t some prima-donna constantly fiddling with his hair. His style was simple and timeless and he wore it with confidence. Every man should aspire to be like Steve McQueen. The truth is, women are instantly turned off when they see a man with no sense of style.

Too many men don’t understand the simple rules of style. Let’s correct this today by look at simple don’ts. I want you to read this article and throw out anything in your closet matching these 5 descriptions

1. The Men’s Muumuu

This is the dirty, un-tucked, shirt that looks like an old Italian grandmother’s muumuu. You know what a muumuu is? It’s a housedress. And old Italian grandmothers used to wear it all the time. A dress was usually two to three sizes too big on her. She looked like Ebenezer Scrooge.

They’d wear it out until the material was paper thin. It was the dress they would wear when they were doing the laundry, cleaning the toilets, cooking dinner. It’s called a muumuu. No one but a grandmother should wear one.  I’ve seen so many men wear their shirt tucked out, a shirt that has absolutely no shape. It’s wrinkled at the bottom, there are holes in it. This is not a good look at all.

A shirt needs to fit, a shirt needs to form to your body, and a shirt needs to look like it was designed for you.

2. Dad Jeans

Just because you’re a dad doesn’t mean you need to wear ‘dad jeans’.

Dad jeans are usually a light blue that’s been over-dyed and over washed. A wash that looks like it was washed 1,000 times until the jeans are faded and frayed. The jeans are extremely big in the legs, like giant tents fluttering at your side. They sag in the butt making you look large and misshapen. Usually you need a big belt to hold the jeans up, and most times they’re a little too long on you.

Dad jeans: Nothing turns a woman off more than the Italian muumuu and the dad jeans.

Jeans are meant to be fitting. No matter what body shape you are, jeans should not have extra material so it looks like you’re going to use it for sheets or for a drape or for a bedspread.

3. Oversized White Sneakers

I’ve seen many guys wear these white sneakers. They have absolutely no markings on them. They’re chunky and give the appearance of Frankenstein feet. They always look like they’re a size or two too big. They wear them with the muumuu and their dad jeans. You look like a 90 year old man. If you look around and see a 90 year old guy, they’re usually wearing oversized big, white, New Balance sneakers.

The excuse I often hear is that they offer arch support and comfort other shoes don’t. If you need arch support, buy an insert for an Italian leather shoe. You’ll be supported and you’ll attract any girl with taste. These sneakers never seem to fit. They look like duck shoes. It’s not a good look when you pair it with the muumuu and the dad jeans. We’ve got a lot of guys who dress this way. Sneakers should only be worn at the gym.

Now, there are sneakers that you can wear with jeans that are cool sneakers. The Converse All-Stars or some of the retro Nikes, but you should never be wearing workout shoes with your jeans. You look like a guy who has no clue, which leads us to number four.

4. The Convention T-Shirt

It seems like whenever a man goes to a man convention, or a man-vention.  They always seem to get the free shirt with the logos on it.  They usually come in XXL.  It’s not an extra large that’s fitted.  It’s that big, boxy, extra large shirt that goes in the same category of the muumuu.

It usually has something stupid on it, like Google, Microsoft, or some type of convention.  I’ve seen men wear these shirts on dates. I’m sorry, just because the shirt was free doesn’t mean you can to wear it.  As a matter of fact, this should be your house-cleaning shirt. This should not be a shirt you ever go out on a date. T-shirts should be fitted.  They should fit your body because you’re exactly the way a shirt needs to fit.

5. The Bad Leather Jacket 

I’ve seen lots of leather jackets on men that don’t fit. Jackets are so far off the shoulders you wonder how they even stay on.  A leather jacket should be form-fitting.  It should fit exactly where your body is. Every jacket should fit the same way.

Jackets should never be hanging down, looking like your mom bought it large on purpose, so you could grow into it in a few years.

These are few quick fashion tips to get your wardrobe whipped into shape. Start purging what no longer looks good on you. You’ve got one chance to make a first impression.  Don’t look like the suburban dad with the Italian grandmother muumuu and the big, white sneakers.  Be Steve McQueen.