Something that I tell women all the time when I’m coaching them is, “”You really look your best when you don’t look your best.””

I know that’s probably confusing to some of you right now and you’re wondering what I mean by that.

When I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, I was out on a Saturday night with my client. We were walking around and every single woman was wearing her tramp outfit: maybe a short dress, some tight jeans that looked like they was painted on, had some hot color lipstick and mascara from bright red to pink to black, all the bells and whistles. Basically her whole outfit looked like it was spray painted on.

Similarly, every single guy was wearing his male version of the tramp outfit. Every guy seemed to have the same tight T-shirt on or the same Saturday night untucked collared shirt thing going on, with shiny or spiky hair and loads of cologne.

No Need For Makeup

But as far as women go, the fact is that don’t really look your best during those times when you’re all dolled up to the nines. Because for a lot of us men (and I know a lot of guys will be silently nodding right now), we’re attracted to you when you just got out of the gym and you’re all sweaty in your yoga pants not wearing any makeup. We’re attracted to you when you have your hair up and you’re out running errands or you just stepped out to get yourself takeout dinner in a tank top and beat-up jeans.

What I tell women all the time is that if a guy is looking at you, smiling at you, and you don’t think you look your best, he actually thinks that you are looking great. He actually likes the way you look, and you don’t have to spray paint on your best Saturday night outfit to be attractive to him.

So take it as a compliment. A lot of women feel like they’ve got to have their game outfit on or they’ve got to be all made up to look their best. Then when they’re out running errands and a man approaches her, she gets self-conscious or she doesn’t smile and tries to avoid eye contact because she thinks she looks like a mess.

But in reality, ladies, when we’re looking, we’re liking. So even when you don’t feel your best or look your best, look around, smile, and put yourself out there and I guarantee you will see men checking you out all over the place.