I remember about 10 years ago there was the big movement called the PUA movement.

PUA stands for pickup artist.

One of the things that they did to pick up women was to neg them.

Negging a girl was something that I always thought was ridiculous. For those of you that don’t know what negging is, let me explain it to you.

You see a girl that you’re attracted to, you already assume that she has high self-esteem, so immediately you need to do something to bring her down to low self-esteem.

So you say something insulting towards her.

Maybe you tell her her heels are too high.

Maybe you look at her and say her hair would look better if it was down.

Maybe you tell her that her dress is a little too tight. How could she go out looking like that? Whatever it might be, the idea behind negging is that if you bring a girl down, you’re telling her you have higher self-esteem than she does, so she will absolutely beg to be with you.

It was what I call the jerk asshole syndrome.

I couldn’t stand it because why do you need to bring somebody down to your level? Why do you need to be a jerk? Because really, people with high self-esteem will not bring someone down to a low self-esteem to be the big man.

Someone with PUA principals was all about those type of games that people play, and they would try to teach the nice guy how to be the jerk. They were under the assumption that the nice guy never gets the girl, and the jerk always does.

I can tell you, in my lifetime, I’ve been a bad boy, but I was never really much of a jerk when I did it. I was a bad boy, but I was full of confidence.

Sure, maybe there were times in my life when I wouldn’t admit this. That I was a bit of an asshole and maybe lied to women and told them I wanted a relationship when I did not just because I wanted to have sex. Because that’s how I thought you got sex, but in reality, after spending all these years circling around the sun and being on this planet, I realize you don’t need to be a jerk at all. You just have to be authentic and bold, and I think that’s what a lot of men are missing in today’s world. They’re not being authentic and bold at all. They’re learning how to be jerks and assholes.

So here’s the deal. You don’t need to be a jerk to meet a girl. In today’s video, I’m joined by an absolutely sexy, beautiful woman. She’s going to explain what she feels when she’s around a jerk.

She’s going to tell you exactly how she thinks when she meets the jerk. She’s going to tell you how she sees through the jerk game, the pickup line, and all the other stuff, and why women hate PUA mentality.

As you watch this video, you’re going to realize that authenticity is hot. Being a jerk is not. We’re going to break the myths today, so watch this video and spread it around to all your friends.