I have written two recent blogs about my friend Jeff with whom I workout, and about the issues he had with asking out the woman he met who works at the bank. If you missed either of the first two blogs about this, you can check out the first blog HERE and the second blog HERE.

In those first two blogs, I went through some mindset stuff and about how exactly to go about asking out a woman who works at a bank (or someplace like that). I went through and analyzed, and showed how to get rid of, all of Jeff’s excuses for why he couldn’t ask that woman out.

This brings us to the third installment of this blog. So Jeff came over my house the other day and told me he finally asked out this woman. He said, “I asked her out in front of the entire bank, and it worked!”

I asked him what was really important about that. What was really important about that was not even so much that he asked this particular woman out. It was that he finally got out of his comfort zone, one he has been in for a very long time.

Sometimes in life you need to force yourself to get out of your own comfort zone. You have to stop thinking about things, and you must force yourself to do them.

It doesn’t matter what happens. In Jeff’s case, it wouldn’t have mattered whether that woman said yes or no.

A lot of guys spend so much time wondering (and worrying) what a woman will say, or what the outcome will be of something they are thinking about doing. They will think, “Will she say yes? I hope she says yes.”

The real lesson here is that it doesn’t matter what she says. The real lesson is that you decided to do it, and you did it. The real lesson is that you won simply because you did something that you normally wouldn’t do, and you actually trusted and believed in it.

So many guys spend so much time not trusting or believing the things that I tell them to do. It’s human nature.

When someone gives you a vision of the way your life should be, you immediately start getting negative and fearful because it’s different than your life has been. So you don’t trust that vision.

The reason you don’t trust that vision, though, is because you have to want that vision. You have to believe in that vision, and you have to find it for yourself.

After we worked through some of the fears and blockages, Jeff finally decided that he was just going to do it. That’s the key lesson here — that he did it.

He happened to get lucky that the first time he did it, the woman said yes. A lot of times, though, the first time you do something you won’t get the result for which you hope. You won’t get the yes.

If you keep your new vision and do things over and over and over again, though, you will no longer have anxiety and fear about doing it. When that happens, you start to actually believe you can do it. You won’t have to “make yourself” do it anymore.

Once you believe you can do something, you can do it any day, any place, anytime. There is no limit to what a person can do, except the things your own mind keeps you from doing.

Think about that today. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something that you’ve never done before.

Don’t worry and don’t care about the outcome. It’s not about you going out with a woman. That’s just an added benefit.

The outcome that’s important is that you finally did something you wouldn’t normally do. The outcome that’s important is that you overcame a fear and an anxiety, and you did something about it.

For those of you who know me personally, I’m going through something right now that is getting me to push myself further than I have in my entire life. It involves something I never thought I would do, something I never thought I wanted and something I never thought I would have.

I’m pushing myself way far out of my comfort zone. It gets easier and easier, because I am realizing the vision that other people are showing me and gaining the belief that I can do this. I’m starting to believe it, and that is the power of being the most incredible, powerful vision of you.