year endAt the end of the year, my accountant sends me an e-mail for some year-end inventory, year-end financials, year-end money in the bank. Almost every business out there is doing some sort of inventory in the month of December.  It made me think, it’s time for you to do a year-end inventory as well.  I want you to start 2015 a lot lighter, looser, more focused. Let’s talk about a couple of things.

I want you to set an intent for 2015.  We just watched 2014 burn through the record books — one of the quickest years of my life. Did it go super-fast for you too?

The one thing you have to realize is you’re never going to get back time. Time is the most valuable thing you have. So let’s look at some things that suck your time. Social Media: How much time do you spend hunting and pecking in social media? How many hours a day do you play on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

The average woman spends 4 hours a day (believe it) on Facebook. On Facebook!!

That’s ridiculous.

How much time do you spend checking out social media?

This is crucial. Social media is one of the biggest time sucks out there. It prevents you from actually connecting with real people. As a matter of fact, while I’m dictating this blog, I’m watching two women walk across the street. They are holding their iPhones like homing devices, checking their Facebook feeds. One thing I want you to do, as you progress into 2015, is figure out the amount of time you spend on social media.

What if instead, you spend that time connecting with people in real life, putting more time into your dating life, connecting with friends. Think how much richer your life will be. How about TV?

How many hours a day are you watching television, hours per week? How many shows are you allowing yourself? How many ‘Bachelorettes’? How many ‘Real Housewives’?

Television sucks up time. Cruising the Internet: How many sites do you go to on a regular basis? When you’re home, instead of reading a book and enhancing your mind, how many sites are you visiting?

How many sales e-mails do you get every day?

What I’m trying to get to is life is for experiencing. I’m equally guilty. I can kill full nights in front of eBay. No idea what I’m even looking at or why. Some nights I do it instead of actually going out and meeting friends. We’re never going to get time back. Never. So what I’d like you to do, moving forward, is look at the time you have. Start taking a small percentage of that and get out there to meet more great men, or go out with friends. You can go hang out on a date.

Let’s try to get rid of some of the things that suck our time for 2015, so it doesn’t fly by and feel like a blur, like 2014.