Do women avoid staying the night at your place?

Have you taken a look at your room?

And be honest, but…

Does your man-cave look a little like a boy-cave?

Your girl thinks she’s dating a superhero and she finds out you’re Robin in tights.

She’s not going to Batman’s house—she’s going to Batboy’s house.

And that’s a disgrace.

When a woman comes to your house, she wants to imagine being there with you in the future.  And the future could be the next day.

Most guys don’t understand that your house is one of the greatest seduction tools you can ever have.  But men still blow it over and over and over again with their boy-caves.

Let’s talk about what you should never have in your house: to start off with, never have posters on the wall that aren’t framed.  Never have a shower that has footprints in it.  Never have sheets that show the outline of your body in it because you haven’t washed them in so long.

Never have lawn furniture.  Try to make sure your roommate is well-behaved if you have a roommate. Your pets need to be well-behaved, and non-smelly.

Here’s the deal: your boy-cave needs to turn into a man-cave.

Artwork on the walls: really important.  Cool artwork.  Make sure your couch is clean—no crumbs.  No crumbs in the couch.

Make sure all your furniture looks like it’s been well put together.  I don’t care if you go to West Denham or Ikea—go get somebody to help you out.  It has to look like you put some thought into it.

Your bed sheets need to be comfortable.  Bed needs to be made.  Towels need to be clean.  Extra toothbrushes should exist.

The place needs to smell good and feel right.  Music needs to be playing.  Nice, soft music in the background.  Something like David Gray.  Something pretty cool, something simple.

The bottom line is the reason why so many guys don’t have women stay over is because the women don’t want to stay there.  They don’t feel comfortable there.

They want your place to be nice because it’s rare that a guy has a super-nice place.  And when a guy has a really nice place, women not only want to stay there—they’re ready to move in.

And that’s fine because then they’ll be more spontaneous.  They’ll actually text you at 3:00 in the afternoon, like, hey, what are you doing later?  And they’ll pack a bag.

That’s what you want.  You want them to feel comfortable there.  They need to imagine being there.

They don’t want to be in a boy-cave.  They don’t want to be in a frat house.  They don’t want crumbs all over the place.  They don’t want to use your smelly gym towel after a shower.

Remember that your environment speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for.

What is your place saying about you?