HumphreyFor the last couple of days I’ve been talking up the Wolf Of Wall Street Movie. Let me ask you a question. If your life were a movie, which actor would play you? Would a leading man play you or would you just be an extra in your own life?

In case you’re not up with movie lingo, the extras are the people in the background in movies that stand around and fill up the scene. They’d love it more than anything on earth if they’d just get one little line. As a matter of fact, I remember one time I was an extra in a movie. It was so exciting back then. There was a rumor that a few of the extras would actually get a line. That day I geared myself up, and thought to myself, “it could be me. Maybe the Director will notice me. Maybe the Assistant Director will notice me.”

I remember standing on some steps on the streets of Manhattan all day long, bored out of my mind. Whenever they said action, I’d smile. I’d stand there and smile. And I’d think to myself, “I’m a good looking guy. Maybe it will be me.”

12 hours later the rumor turned out to be just that. A rumor! I didn’t get to say a single word. In fact, none of the extras got to say anything. How many times are you just an extra when you go out? You stand at the bar, restaurant, or club, and you don’t say a word. So what happens? You go home exhausted, tired, and annoyed you were an extra in your own life. So who would play you? If there were a movie about your life right now, who would be playing you? What famous actor would get the role? Let’s be honest. Do you lead a life exciting enough for a leading man to play you, or would it be a leading dog playing you?

Because some of you lead a life like a dog. You’re constantly on heat. Maybe it’s a dog like Lassie playing you.

Some of you are like masturbating monkeys at the zoo. You’re ready for the new Planet of the Apes movie. I want to hear your honest answers today. Who would play you in a movie? Are you living a leading man life? Is your life exciting enough that when Hollywood comes casting they’re going to cast Leonardo DiCaprio? Or are you an extra in your own life?

Think about it and then comment below. Let’s see how honest you guys really are!