trust men“David, I feel like I can’t trust men anymore.”

I hear that a lot from women. You want to meet a great man, but you have trust issues. Someone hurt you in the past and now you think every man you meet will do the same. But just because something happened once, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. The past doesn’t equal the future. It’s amazing how we’re born so pure and innocent. We’re born so full of trust, and full of love. Now we all have trust issues. Too many people allow their past stories to dictate what happens to them in the future.

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, dice it, or chop it up. Whatever happened in the past with other men, is over. When you make the decision to let past letdowns affect what you do in the present and future you’re stealing your own chance of happiness. It’s all an old story that doesn’t serve you anymore. Tell yourself a different story.

So many people talk about how much pain they were in, how much it hurt, how a man cheated on them, and whatever else happened. They keep telling the story over and over again. It almost becomes their anthem. It’s like they somehow become proud of their heartache like it’s part of their identity.

When you keep telling yourself stories like that, do you know what happens?

You just repeat the same story with someone else. Have you ever found yourself attracting the same men all the time? Maybe even you’ve had more than one man cheat on you. Now you tell yourself this keeps happening. “I always meet men who cheat on me.”

Sure enough, you do keep attracting men who cheat on you. You’re telling yourself an old story that no longer serves you. That’s the law of attraction at work. When you’re so sure you’re going to get hurt again, you will!

If you keep telling people you can’t trust men, and that your trust issues are stopping you meeting men, you’re never going to get over them. When you believe things won’t work out for you, you’re not letting yourself open up to love. You’re not willing to risk getting hurt again. Let me tell you something, in order to love, you have to risk being hurt over and over.

It’s just the way life works. There’s nothing wrong with learning from the lessons, but don’t let them change who you are. If your heart isn’t open to love, you’re never going to meet someone. Look at every relationship as a clean slate. Give guys the benefit of the doubt. Not every man is going to cheat on you. Every man you meet is new. Imagine taking a new shiny wrapper off them.

Open your heart, and realize your past needs to stay exactly where it belongs….in the past. Remember when you finally meet the right man, you’re not going to remember all the pain you used to have!