How many times have you been with a man sexually, and he’s absolutely the worst you’ve ever had in bed?

How do you turn your next man into your best lover? I’m going to show you how to make that happen, instantly.

He Just Plain Sucks in Bed

Have you been with the famous Minuteman?

I’m not talking about the Minutemen from the Revolutionary War.

Have you been with Mr. One Pump?

Have you been with Mr. Won’t Go Down Yonder?

Have you been with the guy that just thinks porn is a way to your heart and a way to your sexual passions?

How many of you have been with any of the men above? Men that just suck in bed?

Men that can’t possibly please you, no matter what? The problem is, a majority of men seem to suck in bed. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be a plague that’s going on out there in today’s world. Men that are just terrible in bed.

I’m all for making men be better lovers but the problem is in today’s porn-obsessed, free porn-obsessed, free porn-obsessed Internet of sex – that’s right, I had to say it three times, just to put my point across – it’s going to take some work from you ladies to get a man to be better in bed.

You see, men watch porn, so men think sex is exactly like the porn, but we all know porn, the majority of it, is written by a male. A man who thinks sex should be just like his porn fantasy:

A man walking into a room. A woman getting hot instantly. A man saying something dirty. A woman instantly getting turned on. The man literally pulling down her pants, throwing her against the wall, having sex in some awkward position. Then throwing her down on the ground and coming all over her, like some dog marking his territory.

You Can Train the Man Who Sucks in Bed

Unfortunately, most men suck in bed. But the problem is… your problem.

That’s right, it’s your problem to figure out what to say to these guys to turn them into your best lover. Yeah. It’s not your fault that they suck in bed. But have I got a solution for you.

In today’s video, I break down the steps of how to tell a man he sucks in bed, but more importantly, how to tell the man who sucks in bed how to become your stud in bed.

It will take some work! You might have to block some of the Internet porn sites he’s been on. You might have to correct his male ego. He wants to think he is great at what he is doing so you need to realize that you will need to massage that ego as you correct his bad sex techniques so find what he is great at and build on it.

But I guarantee you, the man you’re with, and any other future man that you have, probably will not come really well put together for you to have great sex with. So you’re going to have to teach him a thing or two. And all men are trainable, once you learn the powerful secret of how to make him the best lover ever.

Once you learn this powerful secret, every single man that you’ve been with, every man that you’re going to be with, every man that you’re going to have sex with is going to become the amazing lover that you so crave and desire just by using this tips. Oh yes. It’s going to get good for you in bed.