So you’re out on a date with a man, and you’re curious whether or not he likes you, whether he wants a relationship, if he’s in falling in love.

Check out today’s video.

A good friend of mine met a man recently.

She is an absolutely beautiful woman.

She is pure confidence.

She is teaching her daughters lessons that are incredible.

The problem is she’s in love with the idea of being in love.

She’s a hopeless romantic.

We need to change the term hopeless romantic into hopeful romantic, because here is something that a lot of woman are doing, including this wonderful woman.

She’s not looking at the signs that he likes her.dating3

So many women are so into the idea of love, the story of love and what love is going to be, they ignore all signs. They think that this guy is going to end up liking them.

A lot of women will do this when they first meet somebody. They will create a story about them and him. The two of them together.

The story of us, before it even becomes an, us.

A lot of women will be in a relationship for six months or even less, and make up a story. One women said to me just the other day that two months into a relationship, the guy showed her exactly who he was when they went away on a trip together.

She said to me, I see the potential in him.

I looked at her and I was like, no. A man will show you exactly who he is. 

He will show you that he likes you. He will show you if he wants a relationship. He will tell you this.

But women are so romantically driven. So many of you are so into the idea of love that you ignore everything. You ignore all the signs that he actually likes you, wants to be with you, wants to create a magical relationship.

You just move forward in a dream world that doesn’t exist.

I’m not saying that men don’t do the same thing. They do. And I know you want to hear this.

But this video, this post, is all about you.

It’s about the signs that he likes you.

Simple little signs that a guy likes you. Simple things that show you he’s into you and wants to continue and have a relationship. Because I really don’t want to see you wasting any more time.

The one thing in life we’re never going to get back is time, so why are we always wasting so much time with all the wrong people.

Let’s not do that anymore.

Let’s start spending time with the right people, rather than wasting time with the wrong people.

Watch today’s video, and show it to all the wonderful people you know.