You want to know the biggest game people play when it comes to dating?

It’s called hide and seek.

You remember when we were children, somebody would be the hider, and somebody would be the seeker.

The hider would have 20 seconds to hide, and the seeker would count for 20 seconds and say: Ready or not, here I come.

Hide and Seek in the Dating World

In dating, unfortunately, the hider seems to hide for weeks at a time, and even when the seeker says ready or not, here I come, they can’t find the hider anywhere.

The seeker will text the hider, and wonder where they’ve been. They might even say something clever, like: Are you ghosting? Or: All I hear is crickets right now, where have you been?

The seeker might leave a voicemail message. They might actually show up at the gym and hope to run into her again.

The hider is really good. The hider sees the seeker’s voicemails and emails and texts, and the hider continues to hide.

dating gamesYou may think that the hider doesn’t want to be with the seeker. But in reality, the hider is just playing the worst game in the world.

It’s called adult hide and seek. And it’s always based on fear.

Playing Games Out of Fear

How many times have you connected with someone, your instincts are so right, but it doesn’t work out. You can’t figure out why. You felt the chemistry, you felt the connection.

Well, the reason is because that person is living in fear. They’re playing adult hide and seek.

You see, in dating, you get exactly what you think you deserve.

Think about that statement.

You get exactly what you think you deserve.

It’s pointed out over and over again in life. Think about what you’re asking for. Think about what amazing is and ask the universe for that.

The problem is that when a great man shows up in a woman’s life, often she’s thinking she doesn’t deserve this. So instead of going with the flow and being receptive, she plays hide and seek with her heart.

Because she doesn’t feel safe.

What we want the most usually scares the shit out of us because it’s unfamiliar. Most of us are dating familiar. We’re dating people who feel familiar because we don’t feel we deserve any better.

So when something amazing comes up, we tend to play this terrible game of hide and seek. The game of hide and seek is so destructive and we don’t know what to do. What happens is that we hide for so long, the man you truly desire disappears.

Six months later you see him again and think to yourself, why did I hide? He was seeking me and I just hid.

So when a great man shows up, instead of fearing, think about why you’re hiding from him. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are playing adult hide and seek. 

We should be playing ‘truth or dare.’

Ask this amazing new man truth or dare questions to get closer to him. 

We guys would much rather be playing capture the flag, where you’re running after one another and eventually getting captured. 

You really don’t want to play hide and seek anymore. Look deep inside and look at the fear. Ask yourself what you’re doing, and come up with a new game to play. 

Truth or dare is much more fun.