The kiss. That first kiss that you have with somebody. It is so beautiful.

Just to feel their warm mouth against yours, to feel the lips that you’ve been watching and looking at for so long.  There’s nothing more beautiful to me than watching a woman speak and being transfixed by her lips.

When I’m watching a woman and leading up to that kiss, I’m staring at her, I’m taking her in, I’m feeling her.

I already know the kiss is on the table.

I already know sex is there. I already know our love making is going to be off the charts, and I’m just savoring the kiss.

I’m savoring that kiss because I know that kiss is just going to feel so good.

savor the kissI like to feel the energy build and be able to stare at her, be able to take in that moment. Each moment is so beautiful to savor.

I know when I go in for the kiss, and I finally do, I go in because I’ve savored it for so long and I’m never going to have that moment again. You see, each moment that you experience with somebody new is a moment that you’re not going to experience again, so why rush anything? Why rush the kiss?

Savor the First Kiss and All the Firsts to Come

Why rush the love making? It’s all there. And to build up to it is so amazing.

To literally go in, have your lips meet their lips, it’s magic. To be able to just bend in, feel their lips pressed up against your lips, to be able to feel their tongue inside your mouth, how warm it feels, how good it feels.

To think, how do they like to be kissed? This is the first kiss. It might be soft; it might be hard. It might be long; it might be short. It doesn’t matter because you’re having that kiss that’s been built up.

That kiss that was building and building inside. I don’t get when people rush things. I like to savor it.

To me, I want to savor a woman.

Not only do I want to savor the kiss, I want to savor the touch.

To be able to kiss her body for the very first time from head to toe, I want to savor it. I like to take my time. I like to just go and kiss every inch of her, front and back, because I want to savor what she’s all about.

Same thing with sex.

I want it to last. I want to go down on her for the very, very first time and just feel the taste, feel the way she likes to be explored, give her an orgasm and feel the energy. It’s all about savoring, and it all starts with the kiss.

You Want the Man that Builds Up the Kiss

So the next time you’re with a man and he’s trying to kiss you too quickly, I want you to think about something:

He’s usually the type of man that also wants to have sex with you too quickly. He’s also the type of man that comes too quickly.

He’s not savoring you. He’s not taking you in. He’s not sensual. He’s more physical, but he can’t control.

I love teasing myself physically. I love sitting across from a woman that I’m so attracted to and tease my mind, tease my soul. I love to look at her, tell her how beautiful she is.

So why am I telling you all this? How will this help you understand men better? Because the next time a man goes in too quickly for the kiss, you know he wasn’t thinking this. The next time a man is sitting opposite you on the couch and you’re wondering why he’s not kissing you, why he hasn’t made a move yet as he sits there looking at you so intently and you can feel him, it’s because he’s savoring you.

He’s savoring every inch of you. He’s savoring the moment. He’s savoring the connection, and he’s savoring what is about to happen, because there aren’t many firsts and he’s enjoying it.