I was talking to a woman today who asked me, “what kinds of guys go for coaching?” I looked at her right in the eyes and replied, “guys that you want to date.”

She said, “alright, you have my attention. Tell me a little bit more.” I said, “well first, what type of guy are you attracted to?” She said, “well, I’m attracted to a guy that is alert,” which I thought was very funny, and I asked her to describe “alert” a little bit more. I knew what she was getting at – she wants a guy that listens.

So then she described her perfect guy: a guy that listens, a guy that is connected to who he is, a guy that is confident, a guy that actually follows through, and the list went on.

I looked at her and asked her, “what type of guy do you think I teach?” She didn’t really know about me, she had just heard about what I do. She answered, “well, don’t you teach guys how to pick up?” I said, “the only thing they will pick up is takeout food for you!”

I continued, “I don’t teach pick up. I teach men how to be everything you just listed, plus plenty more. I teach men how to connect with women on so many different levels – from the second that they meet you. I teach guys the inner workings of your mind, which means that when one of my men approach you, they approach you based on emotions that you are already feeling.

If one of my men approaches you in a supermarket or a coffee shop, he’s looking at your face. He’s looking at your body language. He’s figuring out what type of day you had and he will start the conversation based on something you’re already thinking about.

These are guys that are very connected to who they are. These are guys that are very passionate about themselves, and these are men who are looking to connect with you on a higher level.”

So she looked at me and said, “wow, that’s amazing. I can’t believe that there is a guy out there that teaches men how to really connect with women!” I responded, “yeah, I’m not about pick up. If they want to learn how to pick up, they can go to one of those pick up companies and learn lines.”

I continued, “I’ll never teach men a line. But I will teach a man that the second he approaches you is the start of your relationship. I understand that you want to tell the story ‘how David and I met.’ You want to say, ‘you wouldn’t believe it: six months ago, he worked directly over me at Whole Foods and we had a fight over the last peach. So we had the produce guy cut it in half, and we split it. And ever since then, we’ve been sharing everything!’

I know what you’re about! You’re about living in a romantic comedy. And all of the men that I coach are players in your romantic comedy. They are guys that you not only want to date; but they are guys that you can bring home to Mom. They are guys that have a life. They aren’t needy and they aren’t clingy. They are real men. And real men is what you are attracted to.”

So you know what? Here is a message to all of the women out there: you know you’ve met a David Wygant man when he walks over and you feel like he totally understands what you are going through.

You know you’ve met one of those sleazy pick up company men when he walks over and says, “excuse me. Could I ask your opinion on something? Who cheats more, men or women?” You know you’ve met a sleazy pick up guy because he’s staring at your breasts and not into your eyes.

There is a big difference between what I teach and what those other dime-a-dozen companies out there are teaching.

If you want to meet a David Wygant man – or if you want to BE one – email me.

If you want to be a pick up artist, email me too, and I’ll tell you exactly which company to go to!

Fridays video is a great exercise that will teach any man how to be a natural.

And all the women need to watch this one as well.

It will teach you a thing or 2.

Have a great Friday!