The oneWouldn’t you love to meet “the one?”

How happy would you be if you finally found him? How would you feel if you found the one special man that seems to have eluded you so far in your life?

The one!

I know you’ve had a lot of close calls come into your life. In fact, let’s talk about that right now. I want you to get out a piece of paper right now. On that piece of paper, I want you to write a number one. What does “the one” look like?

Looks like a tall skinny guy doesn’t it?

It’s really just a straight vertical line right?

OK, now I want you to think back to your past relationships. How many times have you thought you found “the one” before they let you down?

Write down a number one for every one of those near misses you can remember. Almost looks like one of those High School marching bands doesn’t it. If you’re like most women, there are probably quite a few number ones on that piece of paper.

So how are you going to find “the one” now?

How are you going to find him after you thought you’d already found him so many times?

As you look at that piece of paper in front of you, you realize there have been so many ones. So many times you thought you were about to ride off into the sunset with the man you’d dreamed of all your life. Yet, every single time he let you down, and smashed your heart into a million pieces.

The only way you’re ever going to find “the one” is to be 100% present. 100% in tune with what you want. 100% open to what life brings you. 100% open to the idea that “the one” might only be “the one” temporarily. He may be “the one” for just a year. He may be “the one” for just a moment. You need to embrace every one of those moments.

You see, each man leads you further down the road of your journey. Every single guy is a messenger for the next one. Every man is someone who’s going to teach you something about yourself. But there’s something else you need to realize. Some of you may have a series of “ones.”

Maybe you’ll be with him for 20 years. Maybe you’ll be with him for 6 months. Being open to that possibility is going to give you the freedom to enjoy love much more. Take the pressure of yourself to meet the man you’re going to grow old with. I know in my life I’ve had a series of “ones.”

I’ve had lots of beautiful, amazing “ones” and I’m grateful for every lesson I’ve learned, every experience I’ve shared with them, and every moment they gave me. When you look at love from that perspective, love becomes so much more enjoyable.