Never Been MarriedDavid, I’m getting older and I still can’t find a man. Am I going to be alone forever?

I get this question a lot and it comes from Melissa today. Here’s the email she sent me.

Hey David,

I’m a 38-year-old, never been married woman. I feel my biggest dating problem right now is the feeling that most men don’t want to date a 38-year-old woman. Am I being paranoid or is this my horrible truth?

What you think about, you bring about.

Melissa, and anybody else who feels this way, where did you come up with the information that a 38-year-old woman has nobody to date because she’s too old? How do you possibly come up with that? Was there a market research on it or is it your own fears and stories?

What you think about, you bring about!

So, if you actually believe no men want to date you because you’re 38 years old, which by the way is so young, you’re going to be right. You’re going to find no men want to date you. You’re going to find a way to self-sabotage your dating life and you’re going to be alone. I listen to statements like this every single day from people, and I think to myself, “What limiting beliefs to live with. What a damaging way to live life.”

It’s kind of crazy to see that from a young woman, because there’s so many women out there that are 38-years-old, 45-years-old, 50-years-old that feel that way. There are tons of men who would give anything to date you, no matter what age you are. You just need to change your beliefs, your mindset, and the way you think about yourself.

You have to wake up every day with an abundant mindset. You have to wake up every day believing there are no limits on your life, and what you can achieve.

Instead of worrying about whether you’re too old, or too heavy, or too independent, or too whatever it is you have in your head, I want you to have a new mantra. Your new mantra is, “I’m a beautiful 38 year-old woman, I have tons to offer a man, and there are hundreds if not thousands of men out there who want to date me.”

Do You Talk About Men Like This?

Watch what you write, and watch what you say, because you’re communicating to the universe that you’re not worthy of a relationship. I truly believe people that have a negative mindset about dating end up alone and bitter. It’s always the women who shout to the world that, “All men are pigs. There are no good men out there.

There are plenty of good men out there. It’s your attitude, and it’s your beliefs that suck, not the men you’re meeting. What I want you to start doing is paying very close attention to the way you communicate with yourself. Watch how you program yourself, because when I wake up every day, I know there are beautiful, amazing women out there who I can meet, and have relationships with.

I know there are beautiful, amazing people I can be friends with. I know there’s plenty of money in the world that wants to be in my pocket. I have some powerful beliefs on everything and I believe in myself. Stop programing your brain with negative stuff that doesn’t need to be there. Stop sabotaging yourself and start to embrace more of who you are. Life has no limits. You just need to realize it yourself.

In fact, in my program for women “What Men Desire” there’s a whole volume dedicated to the art of self love, self confidence, and a step by step system for overcoming any mental or emotional blocks you have about men and relationships. If you want to free yourself so you can enjoy love and dating again, I urge you to go check it out.