Cute-Kid-not-happy-david-wygantThis is probably one of the most important blogs you’ll ever read.

I want you to read every single line and I want you to be 100% honest to yourself.

Are you 100% happy?

Do you wake up every single morning embracing the world?

Are you full of love for everything you do in your life?

Well, until you accomplish all those things above, you’ll never be 100% happy.

No woman’s going to make you 100% happy.

No woman’s going to complete you.

Being able to pick up women, being able to talk to them, being able to have great sex won’t make you 100% happy.

100% happiness comes from within. It comes from you realizing what a gift life really is.

When you wake up in the morning, you need to thank the world that you’re alive. You need to thank them for all the beautiful things that you have in your life.

Being this happy means working on yourself every single day.

And to get there, you have to get past all your old programming.

But most people have not gone inward enough.

They don’t realize that a lot of things they do right now in their life is because of old programming and negative beliefs that were imprinted in your subconscious mind from literally the minute you were probably born to when you left your house to go to college.

It could have been your parents, could have been your grandparents, could have been the friends you grew up with.

So many of our decisions are based on our subconscious. We don’t even know why were stuck or how to get out of it, and that’s when the real work comes in. That’s when the real changes in life happen.

You’re not going to make any changes in life unless you are aware of this.

No woman, no relationship, no great sex is going to change that. You need to figure it out on your own.

Once you figure out what your stories are then life becomes a lot easier, because you can rewrite your story.

You can start by waking up happy to be alive. Think about how blessed you are to have everything in your life.

Really cultivate love and become in love with yourself, then more loving people will enter your life.

This is the journey you need to be on and this is the journey I strongly suggest you take.

Embrace life.