I wanted to post a long video today that I think will inspire and help all of you.

We’re heading into the summer months now. The months where women wear less clothes, where women smile more because the sun is out, where a young woman’s mind turns to romance, and a young man’s mind turns to checking out anything in a skirt.

I call it the mating season.

I remember when I lived in New York it was always mating season. I couldn’t wait until summer came. The streets would be alive with women. To be honest, most my 20’s I spent chasing women morning, noon, and night in Manhattan. It didn’t matter whether I was on my way to the subway in the morning, or walking to get a cup of tea.

At night, I would eat dinner and then just walk the streets of Manhattan, flirting, talking, meeting people and hanging out.  It was an amazing time. I want YOU to enjoy meeting and flirting with women as much as I used to.

I’d put theme music on my headphones as I walked the streets of Manhattan. I would watch people. I would say things, I would work on my openers.  I would smile at women. I’d flirt with them. I’d talk. I was never afraid of rejection.  I always knew I would get rejected, because that’s what life is all about.

When I was 23 I was a bartender, and in that job you get used to rejection. If I was ever out of work I’d walk the streets going from bar to bar the moment they opened until they closed in the early hours asking if there was any work. Bartending jobs weren’t easy to find because they were the one of the highest paying jobs in the service industry, and EVERY out of work actor wanted one. I’d go to every bar, take a number, follow up. Don’t forget this was the pre-phone days.

It taught me a lot of lessons, and one that you need to learn fast. It taught me that life is full of rejection and life only happens to people that are persistent. It also taught me how to communicate really well with people. So imagine this…

…I was out all day looking for jobs, and out at night learning how to flirt. A lot of you wonder how I became good at this. It all happened in my 20s. I wanted the best bartending job. I wanted to be good at flirting with women. I wanted to be able to have a selection and choice who I dated. I wanted to sleep with women. I wanted to have sex. It certainly beat masturbating at night. I loved women. I loved playing with them, and I loved hanging out with them. It was a great time of my life. I was putting myself out there every single day.

That’s the secret. You don’t get great at anything over night. You have to be persistent. You have to put in the hours. You have to have the desire to succeed, and the belief it’s possible. Then you need to get out there every day putting one foot in front of the other until you get where you want to be.

Back then, I was trying to get a job. I was learning things about myself. It was a beautiful time of my life. Sure, there were times that I wished I was more successful or had more money or whatever it was, because I was motivated and looking for a better life. And I always believed I could have it.

When I look back at those times, I realize how amazing and thought-provoking and beautiful they were. Today’s video is really all about how to go deep into your own life. It’s a long one. I felt like putting it out there for all of you because I want you to be inspired. I want all of you to be able to have that amazing life as well.

You deserve it.

So dig deep in today’s video. Check it out!