Are you ego-driven? Are you one of those people whose egos are so big that you are Mr. or Ms. Know-it-All? Do you think that everything that you do is the right way to do it?

Do you constantly criticize others on things that you’re clueless about? Are you one of those know-it-alls that think you can run a business better than your boss can – even if you’ve never worked in a business like that before?

Or are you one of those people who, when someone asks you, “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?” you answer, “nothing at all”?

You’re all ego. You’re 100% ego-driven. Your ego is so large that you can’t even accept yourself for who you are – including your faults.

You basically walk around all day long creating lies. You’re trying to hide behind things that you don’t know about quite yet – your ego is just that large. And everyone can see through it.

The people I respect the most in my life are the people who are real. I like to attract real people into my life. I like to attract people who are humble – people who are open.

Ego is the number one thing that can destroy us. Dr. Wayne Dyer – he’s someone who I’ve met and become friends with through my girlfriend – talks about ego in a lot of his books. I also talk about ego in a lot of my products.

Ego is something that you need to drop every single day. In my How to Become a Master Communicator course, you’ll learn about the ego and how to drop it. It teaches you how to be a REAL person – because that is what people are attracted to.

Nobody’s perfect. If you think that you are, it’s just your ego preventing you from growing as a person.