How many of you have gone on a date and gone out for drinks?

I’m sure you have—it’s a pretty common date.

And it’s also the number one mistake that most men make.

Sure, I know what you’re thinking: supply her with alcohol, and get her drunk and bring her back to your house.

You think it’s going to be great; it will loosen her up a little bit.

And it will loosen you up a little bit. You’ll suddenly have the gift of gab.

And that’s where the problem comes in.  It’s about loosening you up a little bit.

You see, when you get loose you start to talk endlessly about your uncle who lives in a cave and who hasn’t shaved in 17 years.

Or it’s when you start to talk too long about your fantasy football team and the perils that they’re facing this year due to the fact that Eli Manning is not having the season you thought he would have.

Or your confession that you’re deeply in debt and broke.

See the problem with drinking is that you can’t stop the blabbering once it starts.  You’re not 100% within your senses.

And the problem with drinking and dating is that she may do the exact same thing.

So, sure, she may loosen up and maybe you get a little bit of action at the end of the date.  But the both of you are going to sober up, and once you sober up, guess what happens:

You spend the entire next day recreating the date and trying to figure out what went wrong instead of just enjoying the date.

When you call her, you call her more tentatively, because you’re not quite sure what she felt because you are no longer drunk, feeling what you used to feel.

Drinking and dating is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

People should be pulled over in restaurants by the restaurant police and given a ticket for drinking and dating under the influence.

I used to date drunk, and my call backs were never as good as I thought they would be.  Hell, when I was drunk dating, I used to think everyone was into me.

But they weren’t.

I was often shocked when they didn’t call me back.

I couldn’t believe they didn’t want to hang again.

Until I did a social experiment: I started sobering up.

I started dating while sober.  And guess what happened? I started getting call backs, all the time.

So if you’re an alcoholic dater, please stop.

It’s for your own good.