Why you don’t meet great girls?

I’m going to tell you why you’re sitting in front of your computer watching me on YouTube and not out there meeting great girls.

This is the number one reason why you’re home alone.

I want to make an analogy, so bear with me here.

Let’s say, for instance, you want to become a lawyer. Now, you’re not quite sure what a lawyer does. You’re not quite sure what type of law you want to practice. So, what do you do?

You research. You read articles about what lawyers do. You read articles about the types of law people practice.

And then what do you do?

You set up interviews with lawyers. You try to meet them. You try to see what their lifestyle is about. You try to see what it’s going to take to be a lawyer. What law school is going to be like and what the expectations are.

Then after you’ve gathered enough information, what do you do next?couple

You make a decision. You start applying to law schools. You research which law schools you want to go to. You choose a major and focus on the type of law you want to practice.

What do most guys do when they try to meet girls?

It’s pretty simple. What they do is they try to talk to the one girl they’re most attracted to.

A lot of guys don’t even have women friends. So when they go over and talk to a woman they don’t really know what to do. How to behave. Or what women are looking for.

That’s why I tell guys all the time, if you want to get really good at meeting women, talk to a lot of them. 

When you talk to a lot of women you get to know how they react. You get to feel more comfortable around them.

That’s why I’ve told every guy I’ve ever coached to go out there and talk to every single girl he sees over the course of a week. That way you can start to get comfortable approaching women. You get comfortable being around them.

Get comfortable with approaching, talking to, and being around women.

Then you no longer have that feeling of being nervous and thinking that women are terrifying.

To me, I love women. I learn something from every woman I talk to. All women – small, skinny, fat, short, old, young. It doesn’t make a difference. They are beautiful people.

I was brought up by my mom and her group of friends. I was brought up to respect women and respect girls.

I’ve got a daughter.

I love interacting with the opposite sex.

When I go and meet somebody interesting they know I’m very present. They also know that I’m connecting with them, that I am in the moment.

Check out today’s video. There are some more tips about how you can meet great girls.