So who flakes more? Men or women?

Recently I posted a few things on Facebook and conducted a social experiment.

I set myself and a few of my friends up with women who reacted to a post of evolved men looking to meet great women.

So what happened? The men set dates and who do you think flaked on the dates?

After phone calls and texting and setting up the dates, who do you think flaked on the actual dates with all sorts of lame excuses?

Women win this prize!!

Here’s Why I Think Women Flake…

I have told men for years not to listen to what a woman says about what she wants; she is usually a walking contradiction. Women are masters at telling themselves and others that they want a man who is strong and open and vulnerable and sexy and all the other buzz words. But when they meet a man who resembles that image, most of the time, they will flake last minute.

Why? There are several reasons…

Women allow their lives to control them, they live by the iCAL and have schedules like school girls.

women flake more than menSchool which is now work.

Then yoga or some kind of healing thing.

Multiple girls nights per week.

And the list goes on and on.

But the biggest reason is, deep down, women don’t trust what men say.

Let Go of the Past

Women flake and don’t trust men because of all the asshole men who promised them the world and only slept with them. We evolved men are now paying for what our tribe has done. I used to be that asshole man and I know the shit I pulled on women during that stage of my life, so I totally understand what women are feeling deep down on a subconscious level.

But this has to stop.

Personally, I am so tired of the flaking and paying the price of a women’s past. Men and women both need to let go of the stories that plague them on this level.

And women need to take a chance and stop hiding behind words and schedules. You can transform your love life.

I always tell people that if you meet someone who you find interesting, just carve out an hour of time… you never know what will happen.

And here’s what really hits home: women date who they think they deserve, not who they desire.

I do agree when a man flakes it is mostly after the first date. And here’s another confession: when a woman flakes, men are pretty sensitive. We are all about seeing who this woman is and we get pretty excited to go out with someone new who we think may be evolved and real. So when the last second flake comes in, we always call our friends to talk about it to feel better.

Just a little insight into how men feel and think for all the ladies out there! Hopefully, this will help you realize not all men are jerks and you can stop the flaky behavior and start opening up a little more and trusting us!