You’ve all heard it so many times before.

Get a vision board.  

Put your visions down.  

Put pictures of the home you want, the car you want, the woman you want.

A lot of people in this world have vision boards.  The problem is they’re procrastinators and they should really have a procrastination board.

Affirmations are great.  There was a book that came out years ago called The Secret. I called it The Shortcut.  There were a lot of nice affirmations with no action plan to get those affirmations taken care of.

You can self-talk yourself up all you want, but if you don’t go out and actually take action, then those affirmations are just words sitting in the air literally like raindrops coming out of the sky and disappearing into the ground.

Affirmations are great.

Everyday you should wake up and have an affirmation or two.  But without setting a goal and without actually taking action, these affirmations are no different than mental masturbation.

Think about it.  Mental masturbation is no different than regular masturbation.  How do you feel after you jerk off?

Another load to wipe off your stomach, or another load to flush down the toilet, or however you do it.  You never feel satisfied after masturbating.

How about when you mentally masturbate? You talk yourself up, you walk into a store, you say you’re going to go talk to a woman, you feel great, and then all of a sudden you see a woman and you got back to being the procrastinator again.

You make an excuse; you’re overwhelmed with fear; whatever it is, you don’t do it.

Winners have affirmations, yes, but they also walk the walk and talk the talk.

Write down your affirmations or make sure after each affirmation there’s an action plan and there’s a result.

Every action plan needs to have a result.

The result may not be what you think it’s going to be, but a winner will basically take that affirmation, have an action plan and have a result and be okay with the result whether it’s positive or negative.

There is no negative.  Just like doing something and showing up, it’s half the battle.

Stick with affirmations for a long period of time.  Don’t have a new affirmation a day when you can’t perfect the affirmation from the day before.

You need to hold yourself accountable.  Make it one goal per day.

Maybe go out there and say hello to five women today.

Maybe go out there and shake three peoples’ hands, whatever it might be.

But don’t make it a lofty goal.  If you’ve never gone out and talked to 30 women in a day, maybe make it just two women per day.  Build yourself up to the number 30.

You never count like this: “One, two…thirty.” You keep going, number by number.

Make your affirmations realistic and make sure that you have an action plan and a result because if you go onto the next affirmation without a result, it means that you’re cheating.

We can’t cheat life.

All successful people put in the work.  All successful people have affirmations.  It’s time you determine what you want from your life.

Now check out my action plan and how I became successful in all areas of my life: