Mad ValentinesWhenever I start to write, I think to myself, “What’s a good title for this blog post?”

Obviously, I want something you guys are going to read, so I try to come up with something that’s going to make you say, “Yes, I need to read that.”

So I was thinking today, what can I call this Valentine’s post to motivate you to read it. To tell you the truth I was going to call it, “Why Valentine’s Day Sucks!”

I’ll tell you what’s inspired this post. I got an email from someone, and I really want to sort his head out. I know a lot of you will think he’s in college, and that maybe he’s just a bit young and naïve, but I get this same email from older guys too. So before you bitch-slap this guy too much, have some compassion and understanding. You may be like him in certain ways.

So his emails goes…Oh and there was no Dear David or anything. It just starts like this…

“There’s this girl in my class who I like, and while I’m not afraid to talk to her, I’m afraid to ask her out. Anyway I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day, and whether I should ask her to go out with me. I’m just worried she’ll say no, or that I’ll look stupid. Stuff like that you know?

So, I just want to know, should I ask her to be my Valentine or not?”

The guy didn’t even sign his name. Come on now. You haven’t even gone out with her, you can talk to her, but think you want to ask her to be your Valentine?

Who cares about being someones Valentine when you haven’t even asked her out? It’s ridiculous, and a lot of guys worry about being on their own Valentine’s Day. They panic about getting a date so they have someone on the 14th February. Who cares? It doesn’t matter. It’s the middle of February. It’s just another day!

It doesn’t mean anything unless you’re already in an established, loving relationship. Then it means a lot to the woman if you don’t come through on Valentine’s Day. For those of you who are in a relationship, don’t screw up or you’ll be paying for it for months. I know most guys could care less about Valentine’s Day, but if you’re in a relationship make sure you do something a little special for her. If you’re not in a relationship, why do you need someone to be your Valentine’s date, and put yourself under so much pressure?

I mean, ask this girl to be your Valentine. You can go out without knowing her that well, and then feel stressed all night about making your date successful. Not just that, but all the restaurants you can normally get a great meal for $40 for two, suddenly double their prices to $80 for the night. All because it’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re lucky they put a rose on your table, and provide a really bad cover band to entertain you. If you’re single, here’s what I suggest you do….

Ignore Valentine’s Day. It’ll be all over by Saturday!