At a recent New York City bootcamp, we went to a store called Munigal.

Going upstairs, they have the underwear and socks section. I looked at the guys and I said “alright, let’s be honest here.

“When was the last time you bought new underwear?”

They all nervously looked down at the ground, which gave me my answer.

I looked at them and said “the power of underwear is something that all of you need to understand.”

We proceeded, six men, to shop for underwear. Definitely a weird bonding experience.

I said to one of the guys, “when a woman fully undresses in front of you for very first time and you see the lacey bra and panties, or you see the great thong, don’t you appreciate that?” He smiled and said “yes.”

Then I looked at another other guy. He told me he hadn’t bought new underwear in five years. I said, “when you get naked, you’ve got five year old underwear with the band hanging down? What do you think that does to her mentality? How do you think that sparks her sexuality?”

I’ve always been somebody who has had funky underwear, different shapes and colors. I like to mix it up a little bit. Why not have fun? Why should I always have white boxers or white boxer briefs?

A couple weeks later, I got an email from one of the guys at the bootcamp.

He said this:

David, my overnight guest last weekend liked my new underwear! We’re getting together in New York City this coming weekend. Got another date for tonight.

The power of underwear. It’s something we never think about. It’s something we never pay attention to. But yes, when you’re standing there next to her and you’ve got on a pair of old underwear and she’s got on her beautiful, sexy, Victoria’s Secret, what’s wrong with that picture.

underwearThe little details really work. A woman appreciates these little details
Underwear. Socks.

Things you don’t realize she’s appreciating.

Pay attention to these small details and guess what happens? She’s going to look at you far more as boyfriend material.

Nothing is nastier than an old pair of underwear. I want you to go into your home. I want you to look through your underwear drawer.

What do you see in there? How nasty is some of that underwear?

I want you to throw it all out and then I want you to go to H&M.

Or Munigal.

And pick up some brand new underwear.

Both of them are online, and the underwear is cheap, so you have no excuses. You’re going to impress the next girl that you meet beyond belief.

Victoria’s Secret has found their new competition, Munigal and H&M.