The other day, a friend of mine got flaked on by a woman.

She’s 45 years old and she wanted to catch her daily yoga class before they went out.

At the end of yoga, she texted him and said she couldn’t meet up. They were planning to meet in 45 minutes.

When he asked why, she said, “My favorite yoga mat ripped. It helps me feel grounded and I feel like a total mess inside right now. I need to hurry up and try to get a new one, otherwise tomorrow’s class is not going to be able to do what it needs to do.”

Those are basically her words. Not mine.

why women flakeI couldn’t believe this. As a matter of fact, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time because it’s a conversation that I’ve had with my friends over and over again. I call it the story of the L.A. Yogi.

And don’t get me wrong. I think yoga is an absolutely amazing, beautiful experience.

To the people who go to yoga class and get reconnected to the Earth, their bodies, their minds, and their spirits and souls, I commend all of you.

But, Here’s the Problem…

The problem is there is a percentage of yogis out there that are beyond hypocritical.

They talk the talk.

They tell you how they want to be evolved and loving and get into an amazing relationship.

But, every single time a relationship comes near them, they run back to the mat. Literally, they touch the base because it makes them feel safe.

That yoga mat is like their home base. They feel safe and secure and they feel guidance. It’s like their own little world.

The yoga instructor that they follow speaks beautiful words, gives them positive affirmations. That yoga mat is the happy place for them. But it seems like a lot of people, in Los Angeles especially, feel lost and scared when you take them off the mat, almost like when you have a puppy that you take out of a crate. It doesn’t know what to do.

The yoga mat resembles, or signifies, to them that faint happy place where they can believe that anything is possible because yoga is so beautiful in that line.

And the Most So-called Centered People Flake the Most

But I have found a lot of the yoga people can be some of the flakiest people.

What is it about yoga? What is it about that safety net that this mat signifies?

And why do we all need such security blankets in today’s life?

Some of us use the yoga mat as a security blanket. Others use the phone.

We schedule our entire lives so we don’t have to be alone.

When we meet somebody, we have to think, can we fit them into our busy schedule?

Work becomes busier than ever.

Life is busier.

Yoga class.

The guru’s coming into town for the weekend.

The friend’s birthday party.

People like to schedule themselves because they really don’t look in the mirror, but that also means that they don’t have to be vulnerable. The more stuff you have on your calendar, the more excuses you give people for not connecting, and the more protected you’re going to stay. You don’t get hurt when you schedule your life or you go back and sit in the safety of the mat.

So, you have this super busy life and when you actually meet someone real, someone you might have a connection with, you choke. And then you flake. You make up excuses not to meet up.

Why Do You Flake?

I hope this is resonating with many of you.

It’s just that I’m tired of all the flaking stories. I’m tired of getting excited to actually meet a new person and then hear some ridiculous excuse for why it can’t happen.

I think we all need to really change our collective consciousness here, folks because in life we’re meant to cuddle, snuggle, be together. Romance is beautiful.

I know when you lay down in the child’s pose you get connected to your yoga mat as your body parts are touching, but imagine a child posing up against somebody in a swimming-like position, being held, and being nurtured, and being loved. That’s why we’re here.