I want to share a story with you about a client of mine.

I’m going to leave her name out of it, but I’m certainly going to send her this post because I want to give her credit for doing something that so many of you do not do.

She did not lie in an online profile.

And even though she didn’t lie, after only a few online dates, she met somebody super cool. Her friends were absolutely amazed by this.

They literally looked at her and said, “What have you done that none of us have been able to accomplish?”

They were all amazed. There was talk all over her city about this woman who actually met somebody online and met them after only two tries.

The Best Way to Represent Yourself in Your Online Dating Profile

What did this woman do that so many women, and men, are not doing?

She didn’t lie.

She actually listed her real age.

She actually listed her real age and didn’t round down. I know a lot of you love to round down – those of you that are 53 are now 49; those of you that are 42 are now 39. You figure, what’s a little lie? That way more men can pick you up.

See, she didn’t do any of that.

She also put pictures of herself up, pictures that showed exactly who she is right now, lines and all. The beauty of who she is, where she’s at in her life.

She didn’t have any angle shots – you know, the ones where you look good at a certain angle but don’t really look like that? She didn’t put any pictures up from what she used to look like. She didn’t put any pictures up from the waist up covering what was down below. She let it all hang out. And she got a few quality leads. From those quality leads, she had a few quality dates.

Online Liars Don’t Win

online profile liarsOnline dating is not about lying. For all of you that lie or tweak your profile or think that you’re going to convince someone that you’re wonderful in person even though you’re 10 years older, you’re just deluding yourself.

Online dating is not about getting 50 leads. I’d rather have two quality leads per week than 50 leads that are based on lies or misinformation. Every lead that is based on misinformation is a lead that’s going to go absolutely nowhere.

The more you put up that is a misrepresentation, the more you’re going to have to fast talk that misrepresentation when you meet someone.

The truth is everybody is sick and tired of everybody lying online. I know right now you’re thinking, Well the men do it too. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make a decision not to lie anymore. You make a decision to put up a profile that shows exactly who you are.

The right age, whatever it might be. If you’re only getting one quality lead per week, then so be it because life is about quality leads, not about quantity leads. Don’t be one of those liars.

Quality Over Quantity

Online dating is not about racking up the most amount of leads possible because if you have 50 applicants per week anyway, who has the time to sift through them all?

You want a man to know exactly who you are. You want him to like the real you.

It really is about that.

Like I said, you’re going to get less applicants or more quality applicants but when the man shows up on the date, he’s going to see the women that represented herself truthfully. He’s going to be excited to meet the woman that represented herself honestly online.

When a man shows up and you’re five years older and 20 pounds heavier than what he saw in your picture, the man is going to be disappointed.

That’s why there are so many one and done dates out there in the world today. People are just misrepresenting themselves all over the place. Let’s start a new trend. Represent who you are, and watch what happens.

Maybe you’ll find out that not having as many applicants really won’t hurt your ego at all because you are certainly going to find better quality, and isn’t that what we are all looking for?