Have you ever talked yourself out of meeting a man?

Have you ever made an excuse not to walk over and talk to a guy you were attracted to?

The usual reasons women give me for not approaching a man is, “He looked busy. He was with his friends. He probably has a girlfriend. I’ll be too short for him. I won’t be his type. He probably prefers brunettes.”

There are dozens more, but you get the picture. Here’s the thing. There are really only ever two reasons you won’t attempt to reach out to a man. The first one is you’re afraid of rejection, and the second reason is because you self-reject. You’ve convinced yourself, you’re not good enough, or that guys won’t be attracted to you. You’re so sure no man will want to date you, you don’t even attempt to connect with them.

Do you know why overcoming your fear of rejection is so much easier than you think?

Because rejection doesn’t truly exist. Or at least rejection doesn’t exist in the way you believe it does. If you go over and flirt with a man and he doesn’t respond to you, it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful and sexy. If the man you start talking to doesn’t show any interest in you, it doesn’t mean a hundred other guys wouldn’t give their right arm to be with you.

Maybe he’s not responding to you because he’s just met the woman of his dreams and he’s devoted to her. Maybe he’s just found out he has a terminal illness and doesn’t want to burden a woman with a relationship which will end in pain. Maybe he’s gay!

You have to stop taking it personally when a man doesn’t respond to you, and stop letting in affect your ability to meet men. Most importantly you have to stop it affecting the way you feel about yourself. In the video below, I take a closer look at self-rejection, and give you a simple way to overcome your fear of rejection.

Watch the video a couple of times, because it’s something I really want you to master!