Do you want to know the biggest evil that is facing dating today? Facebook.

There’s a number of them, but one of them is Facebook. Facebook is a complete waste of time.  The other day I visited Disney Land with my daughter. This woman standing in front of me was recording a Disney parade. The Disney parade is really a beautiful thing to watch. It’s all the characters walking around, waving, smiling. It’s amazing to people watch, to see the joy and beauty in kids’ faces. To be present in life.

This woman in front of me was doing what a lot of women do. She was taking pictures, recording it to video, and immediately uploading it to Facebook, making a comment.  First off, who the hell cares? How many of her friends on Facebook, or supposed friends, acquaintances, because I really like to call it Acquaintance Book —  are actually going to watch that complete video and be excited by it? She did this not once but three times in a row. She obviously knew how long each video should be in order to upload.

That’s not being present. I’ve seen this behavior so many times. I’ve gone to restaurants, women taking pictures of food, taking pictures of themselves. Not being aware of men around. You see, men are everywhere. But the problem is most women are guarded.  They’re Miss Arm Folded, Miss Look Down, Miss Look Not Around, Miss On Her Phone.  In order to get dates you need to make yourself approachable. In order to fall in love you need to be open. You can’t just talk about it.

Every day when you walk around in your daily life there are opportunities to meet men. But the problem is we’re so distracted as a culture nowadays, and most of the time we don’t meet anybody. We’ve become this extremely distracted culture.

Our phone is now our best friend. Our hands touch our phone more than our hands touch another human being. We have more friends on Facebook that we never talk to, and we find it easier to communicate with people by posting ridiculous comments.

We feel like we’re staying connected to others but in reality we’re not connected to anybody but ourselves in our virtual world. We spent more time online dating, reading profiles, dealing with e-mails, being text buddies with people who never get back to us, than we do flirting with a handsome stranger you see at the gym or at a supermarket. We feel like we’ve been given solutions but in turn we’ve given up.

We feel like all these short-cuts, all these technology-based things are a great way to meet people, but in reality, the best way still, is out and about. When you run your errands, people who are just like you are doing the same thing. You live in your neighborhood for a reason, because you’re around like-minded individuals. Yet we are searching high and dry, to go to things like Tinder, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish,

We spend hours and hours every day reading profiles, doing things we think are a short-cut, we think is time efficient, but in reality, a simple three minute flirt, and a phone number is still by far the most time efficient way of meeting. Yet we’re afraid of that, because we’re not open when we walk around.

Today’s video is a little bit of a kick your ass video, so be prepared. David is going to kick your ass. David is not going to be warm, fuzzy, and sweet today. David is going to really explain to you why men don’t approach you, and why you don’t have the date that you desire. It’s all about finding love. You’re not going to do it by finding it on your phone, or on Facebook.