On my way to Palm Springs a couple weeks ago, I did a coaching call with one of my favorite clients.

She was going through some communication stumbling blocks with a man she was dating.

I told her very simply, “If you desire love and a relationship then you can’t be afraid of speaking your truth. The other person doesn’t know your truth because they’re operating on their own truth.”

Here’s the short story around it:

She’s dating a man who likes to pull back.

The first time he pulled back, she didn’t tell him about how she was triggered and how she felt. She just accepted his apology, but didn’t tell him how she felt by his actions.

So what happened? He did it again.

Now she’s waiting to speak her truth.

Why Love Fails: Action and Reaction

You see, there are two people in a relationship. An action always has a reaction on the other side.

So any of your actions will always have a reaction from somebody else.

But the biggest challenge here in love and relationships is that we need to explain why we are reacting a certain way. That’s what speaking your truth is all about.

Love is a beautiful thing, but we almost want to play it safe at times.

We don’t say all that we want to say because we want to make sure that we show the best part of ourselves to somebody.

why love failsBut to have a real love relationship, to make sure that love doesn’t fail, you need to stop allowing the representative to show only what you feel is good and stop holding back the amazing real you.

The real you is who needs to show up, not the representative.

Be Authentic Always

I prefer to live in my authentic truth. You will always know where you stand from the moment you meet me.

This was not always the case. It has taken a lot of soul searching, fucking up, and looking in the mirror and seeing all of me – my faults, my fears, my programming.

That was not an easy process, but it is one I am very willing to share with anyone and explain how I went through it.

So if you are interested, let me know and I will share that with you.

As for any relationship that has a chance, this is what you need to embrace and do:

If you really want love, be truthful and honest. Authenticity is so sexy it’s ridiculous.

Authenticity is what probably turns me on the most, what probably creates the most amount of emotional, sexual, and soulful desire with somebody.

Love Yourself to Find Love

Own your truth because that’s the beautiful person that you are. And there’s no reason to have another relationship where two representatives are selling only the best parts of themselves.

Those are my thoughts and my intent for this amazing Monday…

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.

Let’s get real, it’s Monday and this is a great way to start the week!