The only sport that I really love, as all of you who have been reading me for a long time know, is football.

To me, football has always been a great way to relax, watch a game, and bond with friends.

But I have to tell you, this NFL season has done nothing to lure me and captivate me at all.

I find it dull and boring. I’ve literally watched maybe two games this year and we’re already in week 10.

I forgot that the game was even on this past Sunday.

I was doing work, reading some stuff in bed, relaxing on a Sunday. And I realized, wait a second, my precious Jets are on. Not that I’m so excited about the Jets because it’s just another year of another three and six team.

So I started thinking as I watched some of the game, why I don’t care anymore?

Partly because the Jets are like the approach anxiety team in the NFL.

They’re like a guy that just suffers from approach anxiety year in and year out no matter who coaches them.

No matter what they read.

No matter who they draft, no matter where they are, they seem to always find an excuse to have approach anxiety. The Jets approach every season with promise and every season seems to fall apart. There’s a loser mentality on that team.

And I think that’s a big reason why I’m really over the NFL.

You see, when I see a man who suffers from approach anxiety non-stop, I tend to think to myself, no matter what I’ve taught you, no matter what you’ve learned, no matter what programs you buy or what anybody else has shown you, you still keep your loser mentality inside your brain. You haven’t changed your mindset.

So, no matter how amazing things you do, you still stay in the same head. I see it from some of the contributors on this blog. I’ve seen it from guys that have called me on the phone. I’ve seen it from a lot of men and it’s just very disturbing to me. There’s no reason in the world you can’t change your mindset or culture because I actually give people the steps to change their mindset constantly. But you can’t change someone’s mindset who doesn’t want to change.

And I think the Jets are the approach anxiety franchise of the NFL. And I think that’s really why I can’t get involved in this football season anymore.

My fantasy team is terrible, too. I think I’m two and seven.

But that’s okay. It’s my first bad fantasy year in about five. So, I’m fine with that.

But I think it’s just rooting for a team that can’t get out of its own way no matter what. I’m tired of rooting for losers. I’m tired of supporting a losing franchise. I’m tired of looking at my boys in green and white and realizing that no matter who coaches or who the general manager is, there’s just a loser energy around that team. No matter what, they seem to stink all the time.

They have a quarterback that can’t win a big game and then they resign him for $12M. That’s kind of like getting back with an ex that doesn’t understand you. If you watched Ryan Fitzpatrick last year self-implode against the Bills in the last game, if I was general manager of the Jets, there would be no chance in hell I would resign that guy again. He showed exactly who he was no matter how great of a season he had.

He needed more coaching, deeper coaching. He had reached his limitations, no matter how good Tim Galley was at teaching offense. Tim Galley took him to his limit. There are some guys out there that, no matter how much you teach them, have their limits. So I always teach them to do the best that they can within their limits so they can find and meet a beautiful girl.

I think the Jets can’t do that. The Jets are just a disappointment no matter what. No matter what year comes up, they’re always a disappointment. So maybe I just can’t sit and watch this anymore. Maybe I’m saying enough is enough. Maybe I’m saying to myself, go Patriots. Because The Patriots are a good franchise. Can I become a Patriot fan? Why not? The problem is I’m born with green and white going through my blood and going through my veins.

But this year, I’m kind of at the point of saying, enough is enough. And when it comes down to it, you guys who suffer approach anxiety, isn’t it time that you said, enough is enough? Think about it. You can change your culture to make it a winning culture. The Patriots were not always a good franchise. They became a winning franchise when Bill Belichek became their coach.

So how about hiring me as a coach and allowing me to change your mindset, because I can show you how to unlock your inner Patriot.

Enough is enough, guys. Life is about winning, not about settling.