I am just going to lay it on the line right now: I can’t stand gold diggers.

I think gold diggers are some of the worst kind of people I have ever met. If you are a gold digger reading this, enjoy it because you are going to see exactly what I think about you and how I feel about gold diggers.

The other day, I was taking a plane ride.

I had nothing to do. The woman sitting next to me had some of those trashy magazines – People Magazine, things like that – and she lent me one. I read an article about Eric Johnson.

For those of you who don’t know, Eric Johnson is Mr. Jessica Simpson.

The article was ripping him to pieces. They were talking about him maybe having an affair with the nanny, and about how he hasn’t worked since 2011 and poor Jessica Simpson is going to work every single day to make her billions.

They talked about how they can’t believe he has three nannies to help him out. I mean, he is a stay at home dad, he shouldn’t need all that help.

Mr. Jessica Simpson is being ripped apart all the time. They are ripping him to pieces, always talking about the disrespect they have for some man who is taking poor Jessica Simpson’s money and hanging out with the nannies all day long.

But, let’s do a little bit of role reversal here.

The Double Standard

i hate gold diggersLet’s just say that a rich man has a woman.

And the woman is taking care of the kids with the nannies.

And the woman is doing nothing but literally taking the man’s money every single day and doing what she wants.

The magazines and bloggers talk about the charmed life that she leads; how she gets to shop all day long.

You see magazines filled with pictures of dresses of these women. Oh, she looks so beautiful in Versace.

She looks great in Calvin Klein.

But, nobody ever says anything about her.

Nobody every really says, “Man, she just married this guy who is a lot older than she is, she must be a gold digger.”

We never hear that because it is a double standard that goes on. This double standard that a woman can go out and meet a guy and literally take all his money.

And sure, listen, I am not pointing all the blame at women because the men who date these women are stupid. These men actually believe that the young woman that they are going for, the young woman that they can never get if they didn’t have any money, would be with them without money.

So, these men are delusional and get what they deserve because if you are going to play that game and you are going to go up against a gold digger, there is no chance in hell you are ever going to win.

Is it Okay for Women to Be Gold Diggers?

But why is there such a double standard out there?

Why is it okay for a woman to do this?

Why is it okay for a woman to marry some rich guy, and 10 years, 4 years later, tell the world in court that she can’t live without $250,000 a week now?

That woman was probably looking at a shack one-bedroom apartment on the shit side of town before she met this guy, and now all the sudden, she is entitled to his money.

It is ridiculous the way the system works sometimes. It makes no sense at all. This woman is not entitled to anything, she just played the right guy. And that is why I have always hated gold diggers.

I have lived in New York, I have lived in Los Angeles, I have lived in cities where I have seen gold diggers non-stop. And, let me tell you something, I have told so many men with money to beware of these women because you are never going to win because the court system will favor them. They will favor the gold digger who can’t live without her $250,000 stipend every single month, or every single week.

Don’t Play the Game

So for all you guys out there reading this – you guys who are thinking to yourselves that you’re going to win this game – let me tell you something, you won’t win.

I’ve never, ever wanted to play that game. There’s no authenticity there. The people playing these games are vultures.

The men are insecure.

The men only evaluate women based on looks.

And the men get exactly what they’re asking for: a hot woman who’s going to take them down the road.

And to the women: hey, you know exactly who your marks are. You know exactly who you’re playing. You know exactly what you’re doing. So let me tell you: you both deserve one another.

I don’t have any respect for the men that do this, nor do I have any respect for the women that do this.

Don’t play the game.

Whenever I meet a gold digger, acid starts burning in my stomach.

And whenever I meet a man who’s in his 50s and only dates women in their 20s, a man who thinks that the women love him for who he is and not his money, I look at that man and say, “You’ve lived this long and you’re that fucking insecure and you need that much validation? You want to go out and have this relationship that you need to pay for? What’s wrong with you?”

I don’t know, something about it just always pisses me off. How do you guys feel about this?