make new friendsI’m on the treadmill today, and as I got off the treadmill,  I walked to the bathroom.  When I came out of the bathroom, this woman I always see at the gym was looking at me.  The minute I acknowledged the look, she quickly looked down.  And I thought to myself, “Human beings are the strangest race ever.”

I’ve seen this girl in the gym for months.  I said “Hello” to her, once.  She said hello to me back, and that was about it.  We both seem to be in our own little world when we’re there. Yet, we’re constantly looking at one another. And I thought to myself, human beings are strange.  I only talk to the people who really want to talk back to me.  I’m not going to say “hi” 50 times to get a conversation out of somebody.We see the same people every single day, yet say nothing to them.  I want you to think about all the people you have seen today.

Now …

How many of those people do you see every day?

I don’t care what sex they are; men, women, kids, apes, monkeys, zebras, lions, tigers… who cares?

How many do you see every day?

I want you to write that number down.  Then I want you to ask yourself, how many of these people do you talk to?  Say “hello” to? Acknowledge as a fellow human being?

Put that number next to the other number. Ugly, isn’t it?

Now think about this: in life, you’re constantly seeing the same people every day.  Yet, you’re constantly thinking you don’t need anybody.  These people are walking around, seeing you too.  Even though they may acknowledge it.  If you talk to them, and they talk to you, how would that change your social life?

How many more human beings, in this strange human race, would you be connected to?

How many new friends would you have?

Now, I want you to look at that number.  And I want you to take a percentage of that. Say10%.

I figure 10% of those people are similar to you. That’s how life is. 10% of the people you meet are pretty much people that are just like you.  If your number is 30, and 10% of those people are just like you, that means there are 3 new friends you could be making and 27 other people you can acknowledge.

Are YOU Scared To Talk To New People?

Think about how much better life would be if human beings actually communicated to each other. Instead of staring at one another, not saying a word. Maybe then we would avoid Tinder.  Maybe then we would avoid sitting home at night alone.  Lonely.  I want you to think about how much better you’re going to feel by going out there and talking to people all day long.  Then, I’m going to tell you something about the strangeness of human beings.

When someone is friendly and knows people, everybody else wants to know that person. So, all of a sudden, you’re creating attraction among human beings all day long.  Instead of worrying about what type of approach you need to do. The other humans will do the work for you.  By being the person who’s being friendly and communicating with people as you walk around, other human beings are going to say to themselves:

“Man, I’ve walked around this city all day long, nobody has talked to me. I’ve talked to nobody. Who is this friendly, open person. I like the way they’re smiling, it feels good.”

Human beings are funny, not acknowledging anybody. Sitting there, doing nothing, standing and doing nothing. Riding elevators and not saying hello. Waiting in line at the coffee shop, behind the same guy or same girl they’re in line behind every single day, but not saying a word.  Riding buses and subways, seeing the same people over and over, not saying a single word. Going to the same gym, not saying a word to people they see every day.

If you break down the lack of social dynamic in the world it’s awkward and strange that people don’t acknowledged one another.  And they do it out of fear. Human beings are afraid of each other. They’re afraid to communicate, they’re afraid of being judged, they’re afraid of being evaluated. They’re afraid of begin rejected.  We live in the strangest place. Imagine being an alien, being down here. What would you report to your fellow aliens?

You’d probably go back and say, “Earth is the most unfriendly place in the universe. I was seeing the same people every day and nobody ever said hello. What’s wrong with it down there?

Yet people are constantly reading articles about how to connect. People are writing about how lonely it is down there. Humans are constantly complaining about how they can’t meet anybody.”

Every day life presents human beings with other humans you can connect to, you can hang out with, you can talk to and build a social network.  Stop waiting for other human beings to be friendly, they’re not going to do it. You need to be the one that needs to engage. You need to be the one that makes everybody friendly. You need to be the human being that takes a stand for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll continually wait and wait and wait and wait. Then the ride will be over.

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