Do you ever run in and see somebody that you know you know?

You instantly feel something for them, a sense of attraction or sense of familiarity, but you just can’t place it. You think, well maybe that’s just somebody I want to know.

Then all of a sudden, you start talking to them and you realize you do know them. They look at you, they smile because they know you. But, you don’t remember where you know them from. But you know they’re a good person. You know that you’ve shared some type of moment with them.

But, you don’t remember where or when.

I have met so many people in my life that occasionally I’ll run into somebody and I don’t remember where I know them from. I could’ve gone out on a date with them years back.

It could’ve been somebody who was in one of my bigger seminars.

I like to talk to them and have a wonderful connection with them because I have met so many people in my life, but I don’t remember everybody or even how I first met them.

But, here is something that I do know.

It’s a feeling that I have.

If I run into somebody that I don’t remember exactly where I shared a moment with them or how I know them, I have a feeling. That feeling connects me to them. I know they’re a good person.

I know that I’ve had a moment with them in the past.

I have a gentle, warm feeling all over even if I can’t remember exactly where and when we had our moment.

But, it’s interesting. People will leave me with an everlasting feeling. That’s really what matters. It’s not the details that matter, but it’s the energy that you have shared with someone, the connections you have and the feeling that you have when you’re with that person the second time or third time or fourth time you run into them.

It’s interesting how we view that.

We’re always trying to remember everything, but it’s impossible. Especially in today’s busy life.

So, tap into that emotional core of who you are. Tap into the emotional feeling core.

And ask yourself, I may not remember who this person is.

I may not remember the exact moment we shared, but I like to be around this person.

So whatever we shared was obviously a really, really good moment. I look forward to seeing this person again.

A lot of people will think, maybe it’s your memory.

But it’s not your memory, because you tap into the feeling side of life, things tend to be a little more different, changes around a little bit for you.

It ain’t because of my thoughts, so if I ever run into you and we’ve met, and I don’t remember your name but I’m warm and nice, I’m tapping into that feeling core.

Don’t be insulted if I don’t remember your name or when we got together.

Just realize that our paths have crossed yet again and the same good feelings are coming up again for you.