I’ll need to think about this.

How many times do you tell people that you hate being single?

Write down that number right now and be 100% honest with yourself.  Don’t worry, no one is going to find out, I’m certainly not going to look either.

Now I want you to write down how many dates you actually go on a week.

How does that number make you feel?

Then I want you to write down how many people you talk to that you actually ask for an introduction to somebody.  How many people do you actually tell that you’re single-  or do you feel like being single is some play?

Write that down.

You see, being single is not a play. To me, it’s all about changing your mindset.

You need a mindset around being single. It’s very simple.

It’s the opportunity to connect and be with somebody you’ve never met before.

It’s the opportunity to fall in love like never before.

It’s the opportunity to have a relationship that you’ve always desired but never had.

It’s an opportunity to make amends for all the things that you weren’t able to have in that adult relationship.  That beautiful soul partnership.  That amazing one-on-one connection that you can only have with somebody after doing all this work.

But if you tell people you hate being single then guess what’s going to happen? You’re going to put that energy out there and you’re not going to put the time in. And you’re not going to meet anybody  – you’re going to continually feel down and depressed because you’re not meeting anybody, you’re not being with anybody.

Don’t hate being single, love it, embrace it, be a part of that.  It’s a lot of fun.  Tell everybody you’re proud to be single.  If your a single mom, tell people you’re a proud single mom and if you are a single mom, you’re teaching your kids about what being single is all about.  Don’t you want them to love it to, to find a great partner – or do you want them to settle like you did in another relationship? So then they can repeat your mistakes over and over again?

Watch your words. Your words create the least and your beliefs will create actions.  So embrace being single.

Write down right now, “I love being single for all the reasons above that David told me.”

It’s all about a mindset switch and change. Also write down, “I love to date, it gives me the opportunity to meet nice new people – and if that opportunity presents itself I’m going to take it.”

“And if I don’t like the person I’m with that’s okay, it’s better than sitting home alone in my boxes staring at our computer screens or cell phone screen.”

Getting out, getting to connect is amazing.  Every person you connect with leads you to the next person and the next.

And have no expectations.  Date, have fun and love being single.

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