Why Do People Cheat? by David Wygant

Now that we’ve defined what cheating is, let’s talk about why people cheat. There are a lot of reasons.

There are reasons as simple as lack of sex, and there are reasons as complex as not being able to express yourself emotionally around your partner. There are SO many reasons. I could list reasons all day.

Today, however, I want to find out one thing: Have you ever cheated and, if you did, why did you cheat? Was it a physical thing, or was it something you weren’t getting emotionally in a relationship?

I think this has always been a gray issue, and it’s time we started understanding the dynamics of why people cheat. So, who better to learn from about this than all the cool people on this blog?

You know there is one simple solution if you’re not getting something (either physically or emotionally) in a relationship: You can end the relationship. Why are you still in this relationship in the first place?

Now I know some of you have kids and have to stay in a relationship for the sake of the kids. For the rest of you, however, why did you stay in that relationship and cheat instead of confronting the problem or simply ending the relationship before getting involved with someone else?