Today we dive into a trait that many people have.

No need spend a lot of words on this.

Neediness is one of the biggest turnoffs in the world. So many times, we just want to be self-satisfied.

Why didn’t that person call me back? Why didn’t they call me when they said they were going to call me? I really wanted to talk to them. I needed them to talk to me. These are all needy thoughts.

Sometimes you get a lot more by just allowing people to get back to you when they are ready. Granted, if someone calls me and I don’t return their call within a certain time frame, it is definitely not good behavior and is disrespectful of their time.

Having said that, you have to avoid being needy. People come around when they are ready to come around, especially in relationships.

Just because you want someone to say something at a certain time, or be with you at a certain moment, doesn’t mean they are ready or able to do that. Allow someone to come to you when they are ready.

Neediness is a tough thing. We all need things, but we have to be careful about how we go about getting them.