primal datingWelcome to the Planet of the Apes, except now you’re the ape, and you live on this planet. Right now, I’m going to explain the Planet of the Apes dating theory to you, so you fully understand how primal we are as human beings.

Just because we have a brain, doesn’t mean that we’re not just animals. We’re so primal we don’t even realize it. I’m going to show you the primal theory right now, so you realize we’re just apes that smell, grunt, and groan; before we even get together to groan, grunt, and have sex.

I was talking to a friend at the gym the other day and he said;

You know it’s funny. I was in here yesterday, and you know I get into such a zone when I work out. I shut off, and I’m incognito. All the treadmills were open and I was sweating. I was dripping from head to toe.

This woman walks in. I didn’t look at her, and I didn’t acknowledge her. I saw her come in from a distance. She decided to come on the treadmill next to me. I was stinking of sweat, and dripping wet. Yet she started talking to me. At one point she was even touching my arm.”

We’re so primal it’s ridiculous!

Another friend of mine called the other day. He says, “You know I went into this meeting with this woman, who is one of those high powered business executives. She’s a bitch. I swear she’s just a woman with a penis. My girlfriend decided to give me the best blowjob of my life before I went in.

I didn’t wipe myself off at all. I went in there stinking of, “right after good blow job smell.”

I walked in and for the first time ever, this woman greeted me like I was a human being. She actually flirted with me, and she saw me as somebody as who would be an equal, instead of her trying to out alpha me.

She flirted. We talked personally. I even learned things more things about her than I ever had, all because I went in smelling like a blowjob.”

I started thinking, and I realized the amount of times in my life that I would walk into places with that “just had sex smell.”

You know that smell where you’re all sweaty. You stink from going down on somebody but it smells really good. It’s all primal. You have that sweat smell, that smells oh so good. It’s all down to chemicals known as pheromones. And that’s what we are.

We’re just like Planet of the Apes. Every time I’ve ever walked around in public after fucking really good, women have been smiling at me. I don’t even need to get close to them. I just need to be in the same room as them, and as if by magic, they flirt with me.

It’s so primal.  It’s incredible.

So think about this next time you go out on a date. The old joke saying you should masturbate before a date to get you to relax, but there’s a primal smell about you that’s just had sex, even if it’s “self sex.”

I want you to look at what happens when you go out, when you haven’t showered and you have had sex. Look at the way people respond to you. No matter how much we think inside our brains, and how much we convince ourselves we’re so advanced because we’re so smart, in reality, we’re just primal beings.

We’re animals and that’s it!

Tap into the more primal side of life and great things will come your way. You’ll start seeing things like never before!