Ever sit down in a restaurant to have a nice meal and the person at the table next to you is conducting a full on conversation at a volume so loud that you know half the restaurant can hear him.

Cell phones suck.

We now live in a world where everybody feels the need to have personal phone conversation everywhere.

You walk into a Starbucks and the person ahead of you is fumbling with their change or not paying attention to the person asking for money because they are on their cell phone.

You’re at a stoplight and the light turns green.  The person in front of you is on their phone and they don’t move so you need to honk.

We live in the world now where people feel like they make personal calls everywhere and anywhere.  And they lack any social grace when they do it.

When you are on your cell phone in public, be totally aware of everybody that’s around you.


The person sitting next to you reading.

The person working in the cafe next to you.

Personally, I think that there should be a law that outlaws cell phones from public places.  You should not be allowed to answer your phone in restaurants, coffee shops or anywhere else.

In fact, as a social experiment, I challenge you to not use your cell phone or iPod or any other distraction device while you’re out in public.

Don’t leave your headphones on while you’re walking around the store. And If someone calls you, pick up the phone and tell them that you’ll call back later.

Be social, talk to people, and don’t be one of those dreaded cell phone users that keep society from running smoothly.