You see a woman standing there at a bar.

You see a woman standing there in a restaurant.

You see a hot, sexy, woman standing there in the supermarket.

And you go into wimpy guy mode.

What’s wimpy guy mode?

You stare at her, and stare at her, and stare at her.

And you do absolutely nothing at all. You’ll stare at her for 5, 10 minutes. You’ll start thinking to yourself, “What should I say? What should I do?”

You freeze in complete and utter fear.

And what does that tell a woman? It tells her that she’s not safe.

When a guy can’t approach a woman or he approaches her 20 minutes after staring her down, she’s going to be freaked out.

Women want to feel protected and safe. How can they feel protected and safe if you can’t even approach them?

Women are afraid of the boogeyman in the closet, the clown under the bed. Women want to feel protected when they walk down a street in the middle of a busy city. Women want to feel like they are with a man.

And if you can’t approach them, they’ve immediately discounted you as a man.

That’s why so much of this is all about the subconscious. What you are triggering off in a woman are things that you are not even understanding.

So next time you stare at a woman, and you see that’s she’s beautiful and you’ve got fear and approach anxiety—do not stare at her for 20 straight minutes. Walk away, gather yourself, take a deep breath, look at your iPhone, and find something to look at that makes you smile.


Don’t freak her out, and don’t trigger the bad feelings that she has deep in her sub-conscious mind.

Women want men that make them feel protected.

Women want men that make them feel good.

How are you going to protect her from the boogeyman if you stare at her like a scared boogeyman?